All life is change…

Change is the one thing philosophers have stated for millennia.

Nowhere is change more pronounced than in the art of communication. In fact, it is nothing but steady change.

First, about my own writing career—I started out banging out news pieces and features in a college newsroom. Los Angeles Valley College, to be exact.

Mine was on an old manual typewriter; it was something I truly LOVED.

Talk about DIY journalism. The LAVC newsroom was a place where cut and paste actually meant CUT AND PASTE. Newsprint, 2 point lines with rulers and X-acto knives.

We were lucky enough to have one of the first composition computers, and it took up the whole room.

I remember my excitement when graduating to a reliable Smith-Corona electric—complete with a “white out” cartridge that actually covered up my mistakes.

No “delete” button in sight.

In fact, that innovation—of complete manipulation of huge bodies of text—was not yet in the public zeitgeist. It wouldn’t come for a few years, when I began wrestling with the buggy Windows 95 (the folks at Office Max warned me about it, but did I hear? No!)

Now I sit in my office, looking back. However, I am not wistfully gazing backwards, but glaring into a bright future. The light here may be blinding, but at least there is a light—and I am grateful for that.

Today, I realize that success lies in multimedia—especially online and social media. Here I will strive to provide a look through all these disparate platforms.

I think future sucesses are through the ability to create engaging content, identify various stakeholders—people with a vested interest in what is being written—and emphasize the collaborative nature of the medium.

However, with all that talk of change, the fundementals of the art of writing have stayed essentially the same. It is only the tools have changed.

That is where my interests lie. Along the way, I became experienced the various forms of social media—SMS texting, emails, blogging, Facebook and Twitter, WordPress, in addition to the world of keywords in SEO optimized copy.

Another change in mass media is the use of aggregation—culling the works of other minds, from all over the virtual world. It is through aggregation (here is cut and paste again, but now in the modern sense) that fortunes and careers are made. Unfortunately, the specter of plagiarism means those aggregate fortunes can also fall.

What else I found is dialogue between a writer and the reader is the hallmark of this age of transition, with all the competing interests, unintended consequences and so on.

Media convergence—the point at which different forms of communication open together—only heightens dilemma of modern communication.

What I want to accomplish is to shine a light a few of these things, as well as have a little fun.

Hopefully, I can keep up with the change…


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