Tips For Closing The Deal

Negotiations are an important part of your finances. It may be buying a home, re-upping a service contract or interviewing for a big job. In closing the deal, the proper attitude and actions will be your ticket to getting what you want.

Consider these tips:

Do Not be afraid to say—or hear—no.

Most people are afraid to hear—and even more fearful to say—the simplest word. Uttering the word “no” is the best way to get to the heart of any deal. Don’t be afraid of it! Say “no,” any you will find out instantly if you are getting the best from the other side.

Do Not use transparent tricks and tactics.

Do not pull something out of your “bag of tricks” in closing any deal. Trying to outfox your opponent will telegraph your intentions, and throw away any gain you may have held. Fairness, morals and ethics may seem to be in short supply, but always respected.

Do keep focus.

It is true that “keeping your eyes on the prize” is the way to success, but what exactly is “the prize?” Remember that any deal comes from the bond between two parties. Be aware that there is another person at the other end of the table. Form a positive rapport with the person, and you will likely be successful in achieving what you set out for.

Do understand the other side of the coin.

All negotiations are interactions—maybe for only a minute (as in buying from a business), or long-term (hiring a lawyer, financial planner or interviewing for a job). By understanding the wants,needs and desires of the other person, you will have the upper hand in any exchange.

Do look/act the part. 

Conduct yourself in the proper manner, and you will have the advantage in any business dealings. A few suggestions on appropriate manners in closing a deal:

• Shake hands.
• Give everyone direct eye contact.
• Dress well.
• Arrive early for every meeting.
• Leave your toys (cell phone, smart phone, etc.) in the car.
• Be structured and organized.
• Take notes.
• Say “thank you.”

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