I know that when you read the contents of this letter, you will understand why it is so IMPORTANT that I contact you right away. I have information for you that you CANNOT HESITATE TO HEAR
It’s about the most IMPORTANT questions of your life.
Your EMOTIONAL WELL –BEING and PERSONAL FINANCES will be affected by what you do with this information, so I cannot stress how ESSENTIAL it is that you get in touch with me or my trusted advisors as soon as possible.
It would be a PLEASURE to assist you in understanding the EXTRAORDINARY changes that are about to very soon about happen to you. Through my experience, I have NEVER been wrong when it comes to these matters.
I have experienced three traumatic near-death experiences. However, the universe had other plans for me. Soon afterwards, spirit guides who understood my potential to communicate their messages to this plane of existence began contacting me.
Since then, I have been assisting many dear friends who have been SEEKING FOR ANSWERS from the universe. The plan for my life became clear. My pleasure is in GIVING AID AND COMFORT to those who have uncertainty. As my reward, I have happy to use the GREAT TALENTS given to me.
Of course, this letter isn’t about me. It’s about YOU!
Lately, I have been CONCENTRATING ON YOUR SPIRIT. I asked my spirit guides for direction about the things that have been troubling you. I have focused on your FINANCIAL DIFFICULTIES and your LONELINESS.
What I received in return was nothing short of PHENOMENAL!
Not only did my spirit guides give me a GREAT LOOK INTO YOUR FUTURE, but also revealed to me the POWERFUL POSITIVE ENERGY meant for you. It will make your prospects nothing short of FANTASTIC.
A letter alone cannot do justice this new information. I must impress upon you PERSONALLY how POWERFUL this message is, and urge you to get in touch with me AS SOON AS YOU CAN. I know that you will not hesitate, since you have been STRUGGLING with these doubts for quite a long time and desire peace of mind. Without YOUR SPECIAL INPUT and EFFECT OF YOUR SPIRIT, I am limited as what I can do for you.
Neither you nor I want limitations on knowing the SPLENDOR OF YOUR DESTINY.
PERSONAL INTERACTION is the most effective way I can see DEEPER INTO THE DIRECTION my spirit guides have been hinting at for you. Only a personal reading can determine ALL of the information, the details that you will need to begin PREPARING yourself, and to have all the knowledge you will need during this EXCITING period.
It is certain that this event is now VERY CLOSE and unfortunately, until you ASK ME FOR THIS GUIDANCE I will not be able to begin it for you.
I’ve seen WONDERFUL things for you, not only MONETARILY but also in your PERSONAL LIFE. GREAT THINGS are in store for you. The future is holding some EXCITING plans for you.  The guides have begun to tell me so much as that.
My guides did tell me things I can say about you at this point. I’m sorry they are not as detailed as I would like them to be:
– A FINANCIAL SUCCESS, most likely linked to a COMPETITION or to the LOTTERY.
– A POSITIVE DEVELOPMENT of greater SATISFACTION and HARMONY in your love life.
– An improvement in your PROFESSIONAL or BUSINESS dealings.
– The start of a NEW AND EXCITING PHASE in your life.
– A KEY ENCOUNTER that will bring SWEEPING CHANGES into your existence.

In the meantime, the most I can do is to WARN YOU about what I can see about you and tell you that THIS EVENT IS COMING SOON. I know that you want more, with no doubt; I have intuition through my spirit guides to bring them to you WITH MORE CLARITY.

There are three things I can discuss with you with SPECIFIC PRECISION, but first we must work on the most pressing problem in your life—MONEY.

Money has been tight. It has become the most BURNING ISSUE on your mind. It has dominated your thoughts and has become a weight holding you down from many of the other good things in your life. The negative effects of your financial problems have crowded out all of the POSITIVE MESSAGES the universe is trying to tell you.

I’m here to tell you, I have the means to help you get the SUCCESS that you’ve been dreaming for. With my help, in the worries about money I will give you a SENSE OF PEACE.

I’ve seen a way to your FINANCIAL WELL-BEING. I will be HAPPY to discuss them with you in detail, so you can begin ENJOYING YOUR LIFE IMMEDIATELY.

Please do not misunderstand; you need to know about ALL of these things, since I also want all of them for you.

As a TRUSTED FRIEND your SUCCESS and HAPPINESS is ESSENTIAL. By taking care of your problems ONE AT A TIME, it is the BEST way I can guide you to the ACHIEVEMENT that I have seen for you in the future.

I know that once we get a handle on your money problem, we can work on your other concerns with a RENEWED SENSE OF PURPOSE.  A psychic weight lifted by ELIMINATING YOUR MONEY WORRIES will make the rest of the burdens easier to manage.

As I have already mentioned, I have been given a talent to see what will be in store for your future. What you need from me are the tools to benefit from what my spirit guides have been hinting at, so you can MAKE THE MOST OF WHAT THE UNIVERSE IS BRINGING TO YOU.

Only with a FULL READING, the details of what is in store for you can be revealed. A hint of luck or the scent of good fortune is nice, but a STRONG GRIP on what the universe has in store for you would be better for you. I know you desire CONFIDENCE and SELF-ASSURANCE. With my help, you can make the most of the GREAT THINGS IN YOUR IMMEDIATE FUTURE.

To resolve life’s problems takes KNOWLEDGE AND PREPARATION. I have the ability to OFFER YOU BOTH.

There is so much more to tell, but I am limited by what I can do for you without your PERSONAL INPUT. An essential part of helping you is through the interaction between us.
This is why I URGE you to contact me or one of my trusted advisors right away.

We need to be able to use the energy of the cosmos to get the love, wealth and happiness you deserve. With that, I may get an even MORE ACCURATE READ on the major events that are taking place in your life right now! 

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