What College Students Need To Know About Building a Financial Future

College students have difficult financial decisions to make, and are rarely prepared to make good choices. With the proper planning and information, students can leave school with strong economic sense, and a head start on the future. Continue reading “What College Students Need To Know About Building a Financial Future”

Today’s Motivations…

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True spirituality cannot be found in the noise and restlessness of modern life. Take the time to quiet your mind, even if it is for a few precious moments.

In silence, one finds their inner spirit.

There is no hope for positive change, unless there is first the sincere desire to change. Real progress is not something that comes from outside your mind, but from within the deepest parts of yourself.

You are the sum of the information upon which you choose to act. For material changes to the spirit, change in thought and subsequent action must come first. Adjust your attitude, and your soul will follow. Continue reading “Today’s Motivations…”

Today’s Motivation…

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Consciously seek opportunities to interact with others in a positive and life-affirming manners.

Remember to place the needs of others ahead of shallow personal “wants.”

If you look for a life of goodness, you quickly realize that time on earth is not only about your own comfort, but also in providing comfort to others. Confess the need for control over your finances. Everything we claim as our own is simply on loan to us—for a very limited time.

Commit to managing those things entrusted to you. Only through management of our own desires, can we properly manage the physical things—including money—in our temporary possession. Determine to live within what is available to you. Be wary of creating excessive debt or any other unnecessary obligations.

Be content in whatever your circumstances. Continue reading “Today’s Motivation…”

Today’s Motivation…

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Spiritual fulfillment rarely roars. In fact, it almost never speaks above a whisper.

That is what makes enlightenment so challenging, the skill and perseverance it takes to hear the small voice of true spirituality.

Your life is the sum of all the knowledge and achievement you choose to accept and act upon.

If you are to change your direction in life, then you must change your attitude and thinking. It may be difficult, but by no means impossible. Continue reading “Today’s Motivation…”