Days are shorter and nights are longer. There is crispness in the air. The streets are filled with children trick-or-treating. Just imagine them going from house to house. They ask for candy, dressed as cute little ghosts and witches.
HALLOWEEN is here! For some, it is spooky. For others, it is their FAVORITE time of year. With what I am about to tell you, it could also become YOURS!
When this holiday comes around, I become ENERGIZED. For the psychic world, it is one of the most POWERFUL times of the year! It brings a WONDERFUL SPIRITUAL ENERGY. A wave of universal truth comes with the cool autumn breeze as well as a freshness of spirit.
 Halloween is a period where you can look deep into your soul. It is a time for answers.
As your good friend and advisor, I can say to you that this Halloween is when you could realize your most fantastic dreams. Of this, I am confident!
Today, those who give comfort to others through their special talents are respected. Many who seek are diverse people who come to us for guidance. And not only everyday people, either. Businesspersons and politicians are among the thousands who come to us for advice. They come with QUESTIONS, and they get ANSWERS. The same will be true for you.
I have a special relationship with an unseen world. This gift lets me see details of your life that few others can. Things that you have never imagined!
It also lets me help many of those who are lost. They come to me seeking a path to happiness, and I have helped them all. This is what I want to do for you.
With the approaching of All-Hallows Eve, psychic energy is at its peak. What that means for you is a magnificent opportunity to find real answers to your most troubling questions.
History has a funny way of distorting the truth. I do not think I have to remind you of that!
For millennia, there have been those blessed with PSYCHIC ABILITIES. Unique people who have been given insights to a hidden universe. I am one of those fortunate to have this ability.
Because of our talents, we were often seen as DIFFERENT. Most were scorned and called evil, branded as “witches” or “demons.”
Many of the insults were due to the ignorance of those who could not understand. People fearful of the unknown because they MISTRUSTED a world they could not see. It is a shame, because they were only AFRAID.
In ancient times, many persecuted as witches were only giving ADVICE to those in need. These ‘witches’ had paid the ultimate price just for HELPING OTHERS. Now, as it has always been, there are people who use their relationship with the spirit world for the GOOD of humanity. I am PROUD to be one of them.
Halloween came to us from the Irish Celtic traditions. The holiday began as a celebration of the upcoming harvest and preparation for the hard winter. It was a festival that HONORED THE NATURAL WORLD in its control over people’s lives. It came from a respect for the awesome power of nature, and the joy it could bring to everyone. They gladly opened their hearts to the universe!
Over time, the holiday had changed. Those who feared the unknown began to associate the longer nights with the darkness of the soul. They let fear rule, and with it lost RESPECT for the wonders of the world.
With time, Halloween became a day filled with images of goblins and ghouls. Adults began telling ghost stories to frighten the young. Terrifying tales of monsters and ghosts to thrill the little ones. The purpose was to keep their children well behaved.
And CANDY. Lots of candy.
I have exciting news for you. The reality of Halloween is not what you expect.
Celebration of All-Hallows Eve is a MAGICAL TIME OF SELF-REALIZATION. It is where the invisible world comes to the aid of our visible world.
Yes, spirits and the unknown fill Halloween. Do not FEAR it!
We should see this as a time to rejoice. Open your heart to the marvels of the psychic world. You can accomplish many FANTASTIC things during this delightful time of year.
Your day-to-day life will cross paths with the psychic world during Halloween. You could be able to discover many amazing truths.
LUCKY NUMBERS are frequently revealed during this mysterious time. A beautiful LOVING ENERGY will also pass to those willing to accept it. We must take this chance to grab it. I have helped many harness this power to find TRUE LOVE. You could find the passion you so desire.
The spirits are here to help you become the person of your dreams.
Trust me; I have seen these powers. I know what they can do. With our help, they can do it for you too.
We must not hide ourselves from the mysteries of the universe. Halloween is a time of REBIRTH, not darkness.
By contacting me, or one of my groups of psychic guides, you will get a glimpse into your TRUE PURPOSE. You will see realities of your life you never could before.
Reach out to us today and begin the path to where you want to be.
The spirit world is able to help ANY AND ALL WHO ASK. Halloween is the best time, because SPIRITUAL ENERGY IS HIGH. The past can reveal itself to you, and NOW is a time to learn.  
Halloween is more than scary stories of your childhood. It is a time where you can learn about yourself, both PRESENT and PAST. Past lives are an essential part of the Halloween experience. We can reveal the history of your soul. Revisiting your past could give you the TRUE SPIRIT of the holiday.
That is why it is our busiest time of year. It is also why I am sending you this extraordinary message. Using the higher energy of the season, we can uncover your spiritual past. With our help, you could examine your history. We can then use this information to see where you are going.
This Halloween can be your chance for LUCK and JOY. It does not have to be frightening! I know you have been searching for answers. Now is the time to find them. We can help this to be your best holiday ever!

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