What Makes A Good Tarot Deck?

It is essential for a good Tarot reading to have suitable psychic instruments for the job at hand. This means using the proper Tarot Deck.

It is common knowledge that the Tarot can be a powerful and valuable tool. It is respected, not only for the process of a reading or the psychic connection made between a Reader and the cards, but also the physical presence of the cards themselves. It is essential for a good Tarot reading to have suitable psychic instruments for the job at hand. This means using the proper Tarot Deck.

Choosing a new Tarot Deck begins before your hands even touch the cards. Many factors are involved—the artwork involved, the cardstock used, the sequence of the numbers, even the reversibility of the backs of the cards. Of course, those are only the superficial features. True evaluation of a new deck goes much deeper than the physical.

It also rests on the initial give-and-take of the first reading.

Many Tarot Readers take time prior to the initial spread of a new deck, to familiarize themselves with their new tool. They may carry the cards with them in a silk pouch, or sleep with them nearby—even under their pillows.

Whatever ritual a reader uses to familiarize him or herself to a new deck, the most important moment is the instant a physical connection is made—contact with the deck in the first reading. The opening read-through and shuffle are crucial. It is at that point that the energy of the cards, as they absorb the power of the reader, makes itself clear. Many readers like to blow their breath on the cards as they shuffle. It may look unusual, but it is a vital step, especially with a new deck.

The creation of each deck tells a story—a story of being. This unique account can be communicated through the first spread, revealing the inner purpose of the cards. Through this interaction, a relationship is established between the reader and the new cards.

In addition, the opening card itself can be very telling. It can function as the permanent guide for that particular deck. It is very similar to the way a teacher and student create a connection during education in the Tarot. The apprenticeship of a student, the traditional form of passing on the secrets of the Tarot, is similar to the relationship of the primary card in the initial reading.

The summary card, which answers the questions of the first reading, can also be seen as a doorway to the true purpose of the cards. It serves to express the energy of the new deck, signaling if the deck can be a valuable tool to be used without any opposition.

There are some decks that are evaluated after opening and it is determined that their energy is not ideal. They are left untouched after the first reading. These cards cannot serve their purpose to their owner, possessing a “bad vibe.” It is certainly possible for a Tarot deck to change its psychic polarity with time. That is left for the patient Tarot Reader. Before that happens, they remain untouched. They will silently sit on a shelf, left alone by the reader, who will wait for their energy to change—something that could occur, eventually.

Of course, unused cards can still be admired for their artistic beauty, their design and artwork. But without the right psychic energy, they are of limited use to the Tarot Reader. The most important element—a strong working relationship between reader and the cards—determines whether or not a new deck of Tarot cards becomes a valuable tool to help with the problems of a seeker.

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