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Pinellas County Suggestion for Saving Water: “Avoid Bathing”

For those who want to do something sustainable, there are many ways to “go green.”
Everybody seems to have a different way to save the planet. Some are obvious; others are a little… out there.  
One of the suggestions to conserve water on the Green Pinellas website might be one of those that seems strange.
Avoid bathing.”
Of course, Pinellas County is not lowering cleanliness expectations for residents. The water conservation tip goes to inform residents a terrific way to save water is to replace a bath, which can use up to 70 gallons of water at a time, with a shower.
In contrast, an average five-minute shower uses only 10 to 25 gallons of water. To try this tip, the website suggests residents take a shower with the plug in the bathtub. If there is less water in the tub than with a bath, a shower is the way to go.
Pinellas Green has several other tips for water consciousness:
  • Do not accept complimentary water at restaurants, if you are not going to drink it.
  • Do not wash dishes by hands if you have a dishwasher. A newer dishwasher can save up to 5,000 gallons of water in a year, compared to hand washing, according to the Energy Star website.
  • Avoid using running water to defrost your food. Use the microwave or refrigerator. Do not just leave it to defrost on the kitchen counter—that can lead to bacteria growth.
  • Keep a bucket in the shower to catch the water as it heats up. You can use it for flushing the toilet or watering plants.
Pinellas County is no stranger to conservation. Last year, the Florida Green Building Coalition named St. Petersburg as Florida’s first “green city.”
Stetson University also announced Monday that the school—including its law school campus in Gulfport—has adopted “water sustainability” as the theme this year as a “broader commitment to environmental responsibility.”
In a press release released yesterday, Stetson officials say, “Many current academic courses at the College of Law in Gulfport/St. Petersburg relate to water conservation issues.”
Green Pinellas offers many other tips for saving water, both inside and outside the home. Go to theGreen Pinellas webpage for more information on conservation. There are tips for transportation, energy and waste reduction.
One other suggestion—you can take a shower. Your friends, neighbors and the environment will thank you.

Pinellas Beaches Patch

How does someone like me—who has a soft spot for the Irish Bar—feel about the English Pub? If the beer is cold, and the food is delicious, then bring it on!
Do not be fooled by the naysayers who claim English food and beer is weak and lifeless. Madeleina Cottage English pub and restaurant puts that rumor to shame.
Madeleina Cottage is a lovely spot, sitting right in the middle of the arts and shopping area of Corey Avenue in St. Pete Beach. What makes it more, is it that Madeleina Cottage is only a few steps from the Beach Theater.
In fact, I cannot think of a better afternoon than having a generous helping of fish and chips, down a couple of pints, and take in an early show.
Yes, the beer is cold, and the happy hour specials are a bargain—$1 off wells, drafts and bottled beer; $2 off martinis and $.50 off 10 oz drafts. What sets Madeleina Cottage alone is the fascinating bar food menu. It has a distinctively continental flavor.
Where else can you see something called a “Toad in the Hole?” It is a dish made of Yorkshire pudding with pork sausage, covered with onion gravy. Intriguing!
For those who like something lighter, Madeleina Cottage offers a nice selection of wines, as well as a Cheese platter. You get a choice of three, four or five cheeses with celery, grapes, crackers and mango chutney. There is also a variety of vegetarian dishes. With food offerings like that, you almost forget you are in Florida—but not for long.
As if to remind you that you are still on the beach, Madeleina Cottage has a list of daiquiris and martinis. It may be for those who are a little overwhelmed with the Toad in the Hole.
Madeleina Cottage is available for Sunday breakfast at 8:30 a.m., and they serve both an excellent breakfast and the perfect Sunday morning hangover beverage—a perfect Bloody Mary.
Madeleina Cottage is at 357 Corey Ave., St. Pete Beach. Currently there is a sign on the door that says they close on Mondays, but are open at 9:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday, until midnight on Friday and Saturday.
Call them at (727) 367-1727, or you can see their full menu at

Pinellas Beaches Patch

Arrest in Crash That Killed Two

Daniel Dalton Dolcater was charged with DUI Manslaughter in connection to a Sept. 30 crash in St. Pete Beach that killed two people.


ST. PETE BEACH – Pinellas County Sheriff deputies arrested a suspect Tuesday in connection to a car crash near the Alden Beach Resort that killed two people.

Daniel Dalton Dolcater, 20, of St. Petersburg was arrested in the accident that killed Pablo Alonso Mansilla-Aguinaga, 32, from Tampa and Sandra Paulson, 33, from Schaumberg, Ill.
Dolcater faces two counts of DUI Manslaughter, a single count of Aggravated Fleeing and Eluding, and one count of Driving While License Suspended Causing Death. He is being held on $101,000 bond.
The Sept. 30 accident happened in the 5900 block of Gulf Boulevard of St. Pete Beach. Invesitgators believe that the suspect’s car may have been involved in a high-speed chase or race prior to the crash.
Police had clocked Dolcater at 69 mph in a 35 mph zone. He was driving south on Gulf Boulevard and sped up when police attempted to stop him.
Dolcater’s car collided with the 2006 Silver Mazda 3 SUV carrying Mansilla-Aguinaga and Paulson.
The accident threw the SUV into the fountain in front of the Alden Beach Resort. The two victims died at the scene.
Dolcater was ejected from his Silver GMC Yukon SUV and was found lying unconscious in the street. He was transported to Bayfront Medical Center, where he was released Tuesday, at which time he was arrested.
On Oct. 2, the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office Major Accident Investigation Team (MIAT) took over the investigation at the request of the City of St. Pete Beach. Investigators have been working closely with St. Pete Beach Police to reconstruct the events surrounding the crash.
As part of the investigation, deputies are asking the public’s help to identify another vehicle that was  seen with Dolcater just prior to the deadly crash.
Deputies say witnesses saw Dolcater racing or chasing another vehicle in the area of Fifth Avenue and 66 St. North in St. Petersburg.
The second vehicle was described as an older model maroon or purple minivan. No driver or occupants were seen. The driver of this vehicle may have additional information related to the crash.
Anyone with information, either about the minivan, or about the accident, is asked to call Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office Investigator Corporal Nicholas Lazaris at 727-582-6200.
If you want to remain anonymous, contact Crime Stoppers of Pinellas Inc., at 1-800-873-TIPS (8477). Those with information could be eligible for a cash reward.