Fears In Your Life

When fear enters our lives, it can affect us all. We are perfectly fine the way we are, but sometimes pulled into social falsehoods. It is all around us. Expectations can ruin a relationship, but fear can ruin lives. And fear can invade everything, including relationships. Fear is the direct opposite of love, and itContinue reading “Fears In Your Life”

Living Healthy Can Be Simple

Living a healthy lifestyle. It is a natural way to live and is possible for anyone.  If your goals are to live a healthier lifestyle, or to maintain the health you have, taking a few small steps will lead to substantial benefits. Here are few things to consider: ·                     Take care of what you alreadyContinue reading “Living Healthy Can Be Simple”

Lost in Love?

You find yourself in love… and this time you know it’s different. You will do whatever it takes to keep it. Feels great doesn’t it? Of course, that is until you find yourself completely consumed with romance. You start to feel lost, and feel as though you don’t know yourself any more. Sadly, your friendsContinue reading “Lost in Love?”

Love—The Gift Anyone Can Give!

Love—The Gift Anyone Can Give! Love allows you to open yourself completely to another, and can join two spirits to love each other as much as they love themselves. The ability to love is one of humanity’s highest achievements… and one of its greatest mysteries. But there are a few things we should know aboutContinue reading “Love—The Gift Anyone Can Give!”

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