Do you sense it? It’s coming… and it’s WONDERFUL!
If you are feeling confused with what is about to happen, then this message will give you the COMFORT you seek.
Soon, we will be witnessing one of the most EXTRAORDINARY EVENTS to happen in the entire universe. A tidal wave of POSITIVE ENERGY is coming your way. A flood of potential, which will completely envelop you. It is a magnificent incident filled with warmth and goodness. It will be unlike anything you have ever imagined.
I am sending you this urgent message about a fantastic psychic event arriving in a few days. It is one of the most important occurrences ever, and it has powerful meanings for you. A chance to bring you love, money and anything else you wish.
This very special date is… OCTOBER 10, 2010.
In numerology, it is a rare occasion when one of the most POWERFUL NUMBERS ALIGNS LIKE THIS. This particular configuration is UNIQUE and not be seen again in our lifetimes. The time to make it work for you is NOW!
It is important that you are ready as this wave of energy reaches you. PREPARATION IS THE KEY! By being ready, you can use the power of October 10 to bring you all the glorious wealth of the cosmos.
We must take the opportunity presented by this VERY RARE EVENT. You could benefit directly and make it the foundation of a new exciting level of your life. You must not hesitate to use the power of 10/10/10, [FIRST_NAME], and with it could come ALL THAT YOU DESIRE.
Some important facts about the number 10:
In some cultures, the number 10 is seen as a PERFECT NUMBER. It is a combination of the single digits 1 and 0, representing the union of the male and female.
In ancient Greece, 10 was the SYMBOL OF THE UNIVERSE. It expressed the WHOLE of human knowledge.
There are ten diverse regions of the universe corresponding to the ten diverse psychic parts of the human being. Each of the thirty-six parts of the astrological Zodiacs is divides into ten degrees.
For many, the number 10 demonstrates an ability to take IDEAS and create a CONCRETE REALITY. It is a CREATIVE and POSITIVE NUMBER.
Seeing the number 10 should remind you that within you, there is a tremendous creative power. You must use it wisely!
When I see a 10 emerge in a reading, it suggests the seeker will begin a NEW AND INSPIRED PROJECT. It can be artistic, business or romantic. All areas of humanity can be energized through the MYSTERY of the perfect number.
Of course, when a number shows three times in a single event, the potential is ENORMOUS! Just imagine when a perfect number appears three times. Anything is possible!
Think of a cosmic slot machine… three 10’s is a winner. The real winner is you!
This is an alignment of MASSIVE PROPORTIONS. You can be at the focus! By contacting me, or one of my gifted psychic counselors, we can guide you through this turbulent time for the cosmos. You can use it to realize ALL YOUR INNER GREATNESS!
In the past few weeks, there has been a GREAT DEAL OF COSMIC ACTIVITY. All my life, I have had a special sensitivity to the unseen world. I have used it to give comfort to thousands of seekers. I have helped many who have lost their way. When I have feelings such as these, I have never been wrong! It is very clear to me that there is something massive coming on the horizon.
OCTOBER 10, 2010 appears like a glow before the sunrise. You can first see the rays of light, just before you feel the brilliant radiance of the sun.
[FIRST_NAME], you can compare OCTOBER 10 to a stunning morning in early autumn. Similar to the new beginning of a cool, crisp fall day, 10/10/10 will be like the first glimpse of a beautiful dawn.
This is what makes this letter so URGENT. I want you to enjoy all the magnificence of this date, and be warmed by its considerable energy. You know the power of our sun. October 10, 2010 can give you the inner power of many suns.
For some time now, seekers have been contacting me, desperate for answers. They have been asking for guidance to understand their curious feelings. I am proud to say I have given COMFORT to them all.
With you, I have recently developed a STRONG PSYCHIC CONNECTION. I know you have experienced it. For me, ours has been a bond that is unique and potent. The force of this link tells me that on OCTOBER 10 there could be special something for you. Something that is more important for you than for others. I had an exceptional vision of your immediate future, and it all STARTS for you on 10/10/10.
It is clear that you are at the beginning of a most magnificent period. This date represents a perfect opportunity for you.
We must have you take advantage of this enormous surge of psychic energy, to make it work for your future.
However, without preparation, you will only get a TRICKLE. Since you are a good friend, this will not do. You need a FLOOD!
You need to grasp as much of the power of 10/10/10 as you can. We can help you collect your enormous wealth.
Your success could be in the numbers, with the number 10 as dominant. Perhaps it could be in love, where the number 10 puts you in the right place at the right time for that PERFECT ROMANCE. It might be in business, where 10 could be part of a successful presentation or ambitious new project.
You can only be sure by reaching out to me or my group of talented advisors specially prepared to assist you. This way, you can have complete confidence by knowing how 10/10/10 will figure into your life.

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