Halloween… Redux

This time of year has electricity in the air. I know you can feel it.

I just experienced a very powerful dream about you, with images that imply something MARVELOUS is about to occur—in a FEW DAYS! Halloween could begin exciting changes in your life. Love, luck and money could all be at stake!
As I mentioned, last night I experienced a fascinating dream COMPLETELY focused on you. This dream revealed passionate love that could be coming your way—very soon. October 31 is a date very important to you. We must prepare for it—NOW!
At one point, my dream began as if it would be a NIGHTMARE.
Fitting for Halloween, don’t you think?
But don’t worry, you will soon see how BEAUTIFUL this time of year could become.
First, let me tell you about this interesting dream. It reveals much about the direction of your life, and the WONDERS in your immediate future.
You are walking down a path through a dark forest. It is twilight. Millions of sparkling stars fill the sky. At the end of the path, is a small opening in the trees. There is an old iron gate standing open. You carefully pass through the gate, entering an area that first looks like a field. Pale moonlight illuminates you as you approach this open spot in the forest.
You look around and see large grey stones scattered on the ground. They lay at all angles.
A figure waits you at the edge of the field. It is a tall person staring peacefully at you. You begin to walk slowly towards them. A shadow covers the face, but it is clear that the person is calm and serene.
In this dream of you, you were dressed in 19th century garments. The figure also wears a Victorian era waistcoat. Both outfits were of rich, dark velvet. They were DEEP BLUE in the glow of the night sky.
As you pass, the stones begin to change. They are now more visible in the moonlight. The grey shapes on the ground are TOMBSTONES! The quiet field you are standing in was actually a CEMETERY. The years carved in the gravestones in the cemetery were all from the 1800’s. The numbers on the stones were ornate and very clear. What was unusual was that names on the tombstones all have the SAME BIRTH DATEOCTOBER 31.
A flash of fear washes over you after you realize you are standing in a graveyard. The expression on your face was OBVIOUS. You were terrified! You hesitate for a moment and then continue to make your way towards the person.
When you reach the end of the cemetery and approach the figure, the entire world changes. The scene goes from one of DREAD and FEAR to one of COMFORT and PEACE. Although it is late at night, it feels as if dawn has broken. The sky was still dark, but strangely bathed in a light.
The air goes from misty cool to warmth, as an invisible sun began to shine. You smile as you take the hand of this mysterious stranger. The look on your face has changed. There is a SPARKLE in your eyes. With a great relief, your fear suddenly DISAPPEARS. It left as fast as it came. What starts as a frightening picture becomes a beautiful image of peace and joy.
I woke from this dream more excited than I have been in a while. Halloween is fast approaching, and we do not have much time to prepare.
I hope by now it should be obvious to you. There are EXTRAORDINARY EVENTS APPROACHING in your life, and the last day of October could be the key. We need to examine the meaning of these psychic messages. I want you to see clearly what knowledge the universe is trying to give us.
My dream of you hinted of many things. By looking at the garments and the dates, it suggests that PAST LIVES will play a part in your future. It is common for past life regressions to signal something MOMENTOUS is about to come. With dreams as vivid as this, CLOSE ATTENTION to dreams become even more important.
The mysterious figure in the dream is a major clue. When a person appears in shadows, it suggests a STRANGER will soon enter into your life. However, instead of a feeling of fear there was the glow of WARMTH. In my experience, whenever sensations of warmth occur, it means LOVE. PASSION is an emotion I associate best with your encounter in my dream.
What I recommend today is that you stay aware of what you first see as random. It just may become the start of your TRUE LOVE.
I do have one concern. Of course, it would be IMPOSSIBLE to keep track of EVERY “chance” encounter. As your friend, I do not want you to WASTE YOUR ENERGY chasing things that may lead you nowhere. It is why I send you this urgent letter right before Halloween.
I believe that we can direct you in the right way, and do it before the key date of October 31. With your personal contact, we can see into your spirit. We could then determine precisely where your focus should be.
I know you are looking forward to POSITIVE CHANGES in your life. I believe that this Halloween could be the PERFECT time. We have a team of talented advisors that can help you understand your past lives, and the role they play your destiny.
As someone interested I the psychic world, I am sure you realize some basic facts of past life regression. For example, you know your mind lives in THREE SEPARATE TENSES: past, present and future. Each one of them has a role in what you will become. With images of your past reaching back hundreds of years, the revelations of you suggest unfinished business in your life. When DATES are dominant in a dream, it too is a sign.
 What I also find most fascinating is the SUDDEN CHANGE IN TONE as you approach the figure in the cemetery. Shifts in energy suggest that your LUCK could be changing—for the BETTER! I have seen for many of my friends this type of swing of fortunes. It usually comes with a lottery or a competition.
Most of the time, an UNEXPECTED AMOUNT OF MONEY is a part of the good fortune hinted by dreams. I wouldn’t want you to miss it!
What is clear to me is that you are now approaching a time full of changes. Halloween can be the focal point in this NEW PERIOD OF YOUR LIFE. Take advantage of this time! The best way to enjoy fully all that is coming for you is to be PREPARED! With what I have seen, you can do just that! 

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