Psychic Vampires

Halloween is more than just celebrating ghosts, goblins and monsters. Did you know it also could be the start of your AMAZING NEW LIFE? A life more positive than you might ever imagine. I know you are curious as to why I’m saying this today—OF ALL DAYS.

Let me begin with this…
As a child, I know you were frightened by thoughts of Halloween. It was a time of creepy and mysterious tales of GHOSTS and MONSTERS.
Now, as an adult, you see stories of Halloween as childish. Worries—that are more grown-up in nature—replaced the fears and excitement you had as a youngster. Halloween is a time of GREAT PSYCHIC ENERGY. In this time, I have seen your dismay. I know your mind fills with concerns of MONEY, LOVE and HEALTH. I want you to know that it does not have to be this way.
I had to send you this message right away. You needed to know it today! It is information that could be the secret to your ultimate happiness. I have identified what is keeping you back, and now can offer what you need to succeed.
As a student of the mystical world, I have spent my entire life helping people understand what REALITY is. Part of my work has been to give people a realistic appreciation of what we can do for them. I assist those who want to learn about the real workings of the human spirit.
Much of what I do dispels the misunderstandings about psychic intuition. In ancient times, those with special connections to the universe were dismissed as witches. They were victimized because of their talents. Persecuted by ignorant people with small minds. Those who refused to believe in things they could not understand.
Throughout history, there has been brilliant fiction written about strange beings roaming our world. Monsters that to live, they must feed on humans. Fantastic tales of evil fiends that wish us harm. Halloween has become a time of year where many tremble at the thought of these demons.
Please, I do not want you to be afraid! There is one thing you must understand. It is a simple fact.
Those monsters are NOT REAL! Universal energy is what can bring us inner glory and happiness… and that is real!
There is a major difference between scary monsters and the realities of the spiritual world. I have spent my life working with cosmic energies that are GOOD and PURE. My gift is a power that has helped thousands of people to LIVE A BETTER LIFE. I have experience in helping those in need. Now I can help you.
However, horror stories do teach us something about the MYSTERIES OF THE UNKNOWN. About what we can do to live the life of our dreams. We can get SOME good from them.
In the past few years, vampires have WILDLY jumped in popularity. You see them just about everywhere. Books, television, movies… all over popular culture. It is not surprising. There have always been fascinations with the possibility of ETERNAL LIFE. The idea of the undead walking among the living has CAPTIVATED our imagination.
Are vampires real? Many doubt their existence. I have spent years studying unexplained phenomenon, and there is LITTLE proof that vampires actually walk amongst us.
Even if there may not be vampires in the flesh, there are forces that feed off your psychic spirit. NEGATIVE FORCES that keep you from realizing your true purpose. What is important is that you understand what is out there. You can rid yourself of their influence.
What I could give you is EXCEPTIONAL! It is way to force psychic vampires into the daylight! You know what happens to vampires when they see the sun…
It is my reason for this urgent message, especially for Halloween! I want to make you aware. When we act on this, you could rid yourself of negative energy.
I am not saying that there are flesh-eating zombies or werewolves around the corner, ready to pounce. As your friend, I would NEVER scare you. I only have your BEST interests in mind.
What I can say to you is that these forces prevent you from real passion in your life. They are keeping you from the EXTRA MONEY you need in this difficult time. Negative energy could even be affecting your HEALTH, making you feel LESS than your best. It may be why you feel TIRED and WORN DOWN.
This Halloween, I can give you so much MORE than scary stories. You could get real answers on how to open your heart to passionate love, receive more money and live life at its peak.
Together, we can put a STAKE through the heart of spiritual vampires. Stop them from taking the GOODNESS from your life.
Forces take the shape of many things. It may be in the form of a TOXIC RELATIONSHIP holding you back. Perhaps they are NEGATIVE HABITS picked up when you were younger. You may not even be aware of them!
With my help, or that of one of my wonderful group of advisors, we can discover the SOURCE of these negative forces. Together, we could help you understand what changes you need for a better life.
 I can help you IDENTIFY negative energy around you. Once we know what causes the barriers to your true purpose, you can replace negative with positive energy. I have seen what it could do for your life.
When we understand how these energies are affecting your life, you may have several ways to improve. Personal contact with us is the best way to get what you need.
I am concerned for you. Time is important in creating your new life. Like a Jack-O-Lantern on Halloween night, you should take GOOD FORTUNE when it is at its freshest.
Imagine… MORE MONEY in your bank account, or an EXCITING NEW ROMANCE! All these could be in your future. Rid yourself of the psychic vampires in your life!
This new insight could mean the beginning of a completely new life for you! You will finally be on the right path. I know that when you see how I could help you, you will jump at this remarkable chance.

I am so excited that this Halloween could be your chance to begin a brilliant future.

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