Psychic Vampires

Halloween is more than just celebrating ghosts, goblins and monsters. Did you know it also could be the start of your AMAZING NEW LIFE? A life more positive than you might ever imagine. I know you are curious as to why I’m saying this today—OF ALL DAYS. Let me begin with this… As a child,Continue reading “Psychic Vampires”

Spirit Guides

Money and passion—things that you have long awaited—are coming your way! You need to be aware of their arrival and make yourself ready. What is near your doorstep could bring you REAL SATISFACTION. I have just been in touch with my SPIRIT GUIDES. They are special guides from nature that are my intimate connection withContinue reading “Spirit Guides”


Days are shorter and nights are longer. There is crispness in the air. The streets are filled with children trick-or-treating. Just imagine them going from house to house. They ask for candy, dressed as cute little ghosts and witches. HALLOWEEN is here! For some, it is spooky. For others, it is their FAVORITE time ofContinue reading “Halloween”

The Job Interview

My brother, an academic for most of his adult life, once told me he thought what I did was very difficult (at the time I was a Store Manager and had worked for several retail companies). He saw the most challenging part was the interview process. He said, “I just can’t see someone sitting across aContinue reading “The Job Interview”

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