Dream Fountain

I want to share a FASCINATING EXPERIENCE with you. I know you are wondering why you are getting this unexpected note. Let me put your mind at ease; I have had great glimpses on the direction of your life.
You see, last night I was given INSIGHTS to your immediate future. HAPPINESS, WEALTH and FEELINGS OF DEEP LOVE are all in the future for you. They came to me in short bursts, almost like electric shocks.
All my life, I have had vivid dreams of my friends. Even of friends who I hadn’t met until afterwards. These visions come to me very FREQUENTLY. When I sleep, my mind often goes into a state where I EASILY receive psychic waves.
Of course, as you must know most people have dreams. Unlike most people, I have the remarkable ability to remember them all in DETAIL. Understanding them is the key!
In my case, the images in my dreams have a way of coming true! When I see people in my sleep, they are doing things that happen to them in the future—usually within a FEW DAYS.
This message is for you because you have visited me in my dreams! I am only a messenger, a psychic messenger called upon by the mystic world. My task was to bring this information to you immediately!
It started as a beautiful evening. I stayed up late looking at the stars, meditating on the wonder of the heavens. I used the quiet evening staring at the sky. It helps me ENERGIZE and become more in tune with the cosmos.
Time must have passed quickly, because the next thing I knew the world was slowly melting away in a soft light. I found myself standing in a field on the top of a rolling hill. A warm breeze was blowing.
In the distance, I saw YOU walking quickly. You were dressed in a white robe that flowed gracefully in the wind. Standing next to you was a person, also dressed in white.
You were motioning excitedly for me to come over, holding the hand of this person and waving at me with the other hand. As I approached the two of you, you stopped waving and began pointing down the hill.
At the bottom of the hill was a fountain. Made of ancient stone, it was a graceful statue of a beautiful woman. It was flowing with clear, sparkling water. All three of us walked slowly towards the discovery of yours, the wind gently at our backs. It seemed as if the breeze guided us to the edge of the grey stone structure.
When I looked over the edge and into the fountain, I was amazed!
Gold completely covered the bottom of the fountain, shining brightly through the water. Your eyes were intense with excitement.
 You had discovered a fortune!
Turning towards your companion and with a complete look of love, you held each other with a passionate embrace. You began to kiss. When your lips touched each other, a bright yellow light shone. It bathed the entire field in a heat.
This morning, I woke up filled with energy. This sensation left my whole body tingling.
I had to write to you… without delay! When there are visions like these, they can only mean one thing. The universe is urgently trying to break through, to bring you meaning. With it, the universe has alerted me to deliver this message to you!
In dream interpretation, a FOUNTAIN SPARKLING in the sunlight signals many FANTASTIC THINGS. Vast possessions and ecstatic delights are the most dominant themes. You could also be beginning a PLEASANT JOURNEY. Whichever it is, it could be the start of a THRILLING TIME!
DISCOVERING GOLD is also an important sign, one suggesting a great WEALTH or GOOD FORTUNE. Finding gold in a dream can mean either success in a business transaction or a sum of money. It may be a good time to try the lottery, or enter a contest. I ask you to consider it, very soon!
Of course, the other person in the dream appeared to be a very close companion. It could be someone you already know, since my dream started with the two of you holding hands. It comes out as someone with whom you were ALREADY FAMILIAR. It is important to note that once you kissed it changed the entire world. It is a sign. A very important sign. You should pay SPECIAL ATTENTION! It seems a new love may come from a recognizable place, with someone you know.
I want to help you find that new relationship, and discover the fortune in the dream.
What was most fascinating about the dream was the BREEZE! When dreaming of wind, especially when it is at your back, tells me there are powerful forces working in your favor. It is pushing you forward. These positive influences are bringing you to your destiny.
When I woke from this dream, I was determined to bring you this MAGNIFICENT INFORMATION. I am confident that once you heard about these powerful visions of you, you would want to act on them NOW!
This was a dream of DISCOVERY. It told me of your UPCOMING FEELINGS OF LOVE, UNEXPECTED MONEY and the start of a JOURNEY OF DISCOVERY.
This is why I am sending you this URGENT MESSAGE. I need to take the images of my dream and complete the picture with your own spirit. I have spoken of these dreams with several of my close confidants. They all agree it is ESSENTIAL to examine deeply these hints from the universe as soon as possible. We are here for you!
It can be the beginning of your DESTINY. Once we piece together the mystery of these dreams, we can build a plan of action for you. It could lead you to the LOVE, MONEY and HAPPINESS you desire.
You see, the information in dreams is a little like a jigsaw puzzle. We can only see a few of the pieces. We need you to help fill in the missing pieces. After that, we can view the WHOLE PUZZLE… the big picture. The psychic map of your life includes your PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE!

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