November 11

In a few days, there will be a wonderful psychic event on the horizon. It will be particularly important to you and your well-being. I HAD to bring it to your attention right away, so can you can PREPARE for its arrival.
Taking advantage of this moment could bring you SPECTACULAR returns. This event can give you an opportunity to learn, about not only yourself but also about the mysterious forces that determine your destiny.
It is why I urgently want you to take special note of the upcoming date—NOVEMBER 11.
That’s right… 11/11.
In the age of digital readouts, the significance of 11:11 is more considerably more VISIBLE. Have you ever glanced at a clock PRECISELY as it flashed 11:11? How the coincidence seemed ODD?
That was NOT an accident. When you see that specific row of numbers on a screen, it is a signal to you from the universe. It is time to pay ATTENTION! It is a sign that you must take a moment to understand the workings of the spiritual world or to tap into why you were born. Time to appreciate your place in the universe and what you are here to accomplish. Eleven eleven is a SUBCONSCIOUS TRIGGER telling you something special is about to happen.
I know you are wondering… what is so SPECIAL about the number eleven? Why is its appearance so IMPORTANT to my future?
Eleven is what numerologists call a MASTER NUMBER. The Master Numbers are 11, 22, 33… and so on. Each one has a special place in numerology, individually possessing its OWN ENERGY. With a particular potential, every Master Number has increased responsibilities. They also can offer a special insight into your immediate future.
The number eleven contains more POTENTIAL than any other Master Number. It demonstrates the power of the spirit and how it could change your life.
When 11/11 appears as a date, the heavens are REMINDING us of a day to take notice! It could mean anything; from a date that you meet your one true love to an encounter that could jumpstart your true destiny. Money, health, love and inner peace all can be achieved with the right combination of mindfulness and preparation. Especially on a powerful day like NOVEMBER 11.
My message to you is simple. We must get ready for this extraordinary date. There is a problem, though. It is DIFFICULT to live your life as a sensitive person. Living life through the power of the Master Numbers means a life in BALANCE.
Today, I am so EXCITED to tell you this! I can help you achieve this ESSENTIAL BALANCE. With my help, and the help of my talented advisors, we can help you rise above the world of negative forces. We can help you become in harmony with the spiritual world.
Knowledge of the Master Numbers can give you important information. Using them in your life can unlock amazing spiritual gifts. Immediate love and wealth could come when you focus on the 11-11 pattern in your life.
Paying attention to Master Numbers when they occur, especially in the calendar, can be the way to make the MOST of this energy while it is at its PEAK.
That is why I needed to send this urgent message to you RIGHT NOW! If you wait, a few days may be TOO LATE!
I have been given a glance how 11-11 will be playing a MAJOR PART in your new life. It is a number associated with strong psychic tendencies, and that is what I see for you. Many people guided by eleven are inspirational leaders and those with a special sensitivity to the universe.
I know you are feeling the RUMBLINGS in the distance. It is your EXCITING FUTURE coming to embrace you. A life that can give you everything could be yours, but you need preparation. You need to know what to do, and we can help you.
As someone who deeply cares for you, I want you to be ready! Missing your chance to HARNESS the power of this special date would be nothing short of TRAGIC!
What I am offering you is unique. It is a way to use this remarkable opportunity to bring you all you desire. Not everyone has the sensibility to take that first step. That is what concerns me the most. Most people are not even aware that a path to ULTIMATE WEALTH, LOVE and HAPPINESS could be SO CLOSE, and so easy!
Not you! I have seen your spirit as one transformed to be what you were destined to become—with the right guidance. Using the intuition of our talented group of advisors, the power of the Master Number in 11/11 can be in YOUR life.
Of course, I cannot do this ALONE. As I said, what I had seen for you was only a glance. A brief glance is not nearly good enough. We need to look deep into your soul to see the way NOVEMBER 11 could affect your life. You should know WHERE you should be focusing your attention. For that, we need a DIRECT CONNECTION.
I am able to sense this approaching good fortune for you, but I cannot do much more without your help. With your individual spiritual energy, we can together begin to help reach the next level of your life.
What could happen when you take the KNOWLEDGE the master Numbers can give you?
-Money problems can be in the past. UNEXPECTED CASH in a bank account is one way good fortune makes itself known. Winnings in a lottery? Perhaps!
-The PASSION that is missing in your life now comes in waves, covering you in love’s warm glow. There is no such thing as COINCIDENCE when you open yourself to the power of MASTER NUMBER 11. Eleven eleven is just that sort of occurrence that could bring you a relationship you have been craving.
-You may begin to FEEL BETTER, free of the FATIGUE that comes with an overburdened soul. The weight of despair could be lifted, and you health can improve.

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