Wish for Peace

On this beautiful day, I send you waves of positive energy. Can you feel them? With it is a wish for peace.
However, that is not all…
I am sure you are wondering why I am sending these GOOD VIBRATIONS directly to you. This is not a chance encounter! I have GOOD REASON. Your destiny is at stake, and I need you to know it NOW.
With a rare insight into the heavens, I work to help those who most need my aid. It is something I have been doing since I was young. Unlike many of the seers out there, I establish a strong bond with those who come to me. I am happy to have found a home as part of a group of talented psychics with similar abilities.
I only truly connect with particular people, acting as a PORTAL between the seeker and the world of their dreams. I am proud of my place in so many people’s lives. I am a bright light shining through their darkness. With my assistance, I guide them like an ancient navigator gazing at the stars for the way home.
Having an ability to use psychic energy to guide seekers to a better life, I offer my talents when I sense someone particularly in need.
Please, do not think I turn ANYONE away. No one in my group will ever turn their back on the people who ask us for help. I assist all those I can. Some people are more special, and my work with them can reach a HIGHER DEGREE.
My message to you today comes with that in mind. I have been sensing some waves of distress, and the source is YOU! I see you are one of the special few who can really benefit from my services.
Let me tell you how your spirit in need came to me.
This morning, I started at dawn. It is my favorite time of day, because it gives me an opportunity to reenergize with the rising sun. I use a quiet room facing the dawn. After some breathing exercises, I was ready.
I usually begin by clearing my mind, and opening up my spirit to the forces of the unseen world. Within a few minutes, I am able to see images, shapes, colors and numbers. Often they come to me as flashes, sometimes they come to me in a series of appearances.
 This most recent meditation was nothing short of amazing! I was able to see fascinating things, wonderful visions of brilliance. They all had ONE focus.
It was YOU!
The heavens have sent me DIRECTLY to you! The universe led me to someone who could greatly benefit from what I have to offer. I want your mind PREPARED for information that will change your life forever. I have been given knowledge that could UNLOCK many mysteries for you. There are answers, and we could have them for you.
With what I have seen, things like more MONEY, SUCCESS, HEALTH and HAPPINESS may be in your immediate future. All it takes is a little UNDERSTANDING and some GOOD GUIDANCE. Maybe even a NUDGE in the right direction. I am happy to offer all of these to you!
I want to ask you—do the numbers 4-7-9 have any meaning to you? They were very clear in my visions. It is important to be mindful of numbers when they appear in visions. They could mean money, as in a bank account number. Perhaps they are lottery numbers.
Of course, single digits are the foundations in numerology. I would suggest paying attention to TWO DIGIT numbers that add up to these single numbers.
I ask you to be mindful of these numbers as well—13-18-25. They should figure prominently in your life.
There were also some unusual visions. One of the strongest was that of a GLOWING RED CIRCLE. This has several meanings—all of them MAGNIFICENT! The color RED suggests RAW ENERGY, PASSION, LOVE and SEXUAL IMPULSES. CIRCLES represent WHOLENESS, and a COMPLETION OF SPIRIT.
It is clear to me a PASSIONATE LOVE may be coming to you. One hint was the red circle was GLOWING. That is another sign a new relationship may happen VERY SOON. I would go as far to say it might be within the next several days. It will be rich, and will completely fill the emptiness of your soul. It will also come as a welcome surprise. It could be Possible it will be from someone you already know, but never saw in a romantic way before. Do you have a secret admirer? If you do, it may soon come out in the open.
The entire event of this morning was filled with an energy I have never felt before. My fingers were numb from the psychic electricity moving through my body while experiencing these visions of you. It was a sure way to know you needed my assistance.
When energy courses through my body like that, I know the result. Usually the seeker is feeling LOW IN ENERGY and possibly even DEPRESSED. That is the main message of my visions of you. I have a way you can bring your life to a FRESH LEVEL.
After plugging into the UNIVERSAL ENERGY, you will begin to feel a new vitality. It could be as if you were ten years younger! Maybe even twenty years!
It could add richness to your life. With that, you will see everything with new eyes. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to live a life with the energy level of someone half your age! It’s true; I have seen it for you!
You are a person who needs a boost in life. We are here to help you find that boost. Let us use what is inside you to begin the life of your destiny.
It is unusual for me to visualize a seeker so clearly. That is why I sent you this note as soon as I could. I know there is something the psychic world is trying to tell me about you. I urge you to contact me, or one of our unique groups of advisors, right away. With your help, we can get the clarity to explain what is under the surface.  

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