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I send you this note to bring you GREAT NEWS. In fact, you may see it as a cause for celebration. This is a joyful message about your future… MONEY, LOVE, CAREER and GOOD HEALTH! I wanted you to have this news as soon as possible.
I don’t have to remind you that the Tarot is a FANTASTIC way to solve problems. Generations of seers have used the mystery of the cards to guide people to their true destiny. To unlock the powers hidden within. With what I have seen—YOU are one of those fortunate few.
As you read on, you will see why I had to tell you RIGHT AWAY.
I have just finished a reading that revealed SOMETHING INTERESTING. I see that you have many pressing questions. You are searching for a CLEAR PATH. Your spirit has been calling out for answers. THAT IS GOOD! I have sensed this dismay in your soul.
My insight allows me to reach out and discover those who have a DEEP NEED. I try to contact individuals who are searching for help. Your distressed soul has created an energy that has led me straight to you!
When the universe brings me to someone thirsty for understanding, I first begin with a special reading to help with my inner sight. A good reading can be used as a starting point.
In my experience, when looking at a spread of the cards the position of the last card speaks to your immediate future. For you, the last card was one of WONDER. It was filled with POSITIVE TIDINGS and much GOOD FORTUNE.
For you, I have seen THE WORLD.
The World is an important card, filled with GREAT HOPE for the future. When it appears as the final card in a spread, it talks of triumph. SUCCESS follows all who are under the force of The World. You have an opportunity to achieve the freedom to move ahead in all you attempt.
The card speaks of the path to liberation. It also suggests that could be travel or a change in home. There can also be a change of LIVELIHOOD.
All of these signs point to HUGE TRANSFORMATIONS in your life.
What’s more, this amazing spread of the Tarot could begin to answer the most important questions of your life.
In the spread, I was told…
-A large amount of MONEY could be yours, in the very near future. I want to say it will be from WINNINGS. Perhaps it is from a COMPETITION you entered. Either way, I see a check for a SUBSTANTIAL sum of money. However, there is one important thing you must know. You will have to act in a certain way to be ready for this windfall. You must prepare for this sum of money. It will not come without something on your part. You will have to do it soon. I don’t want you to fail.
-You will meet someone in the near future, but it is NOT who is really meant for you. This new person will actually PREVENT you from your destiny. You will need to AVOID them, so you can keep the path to your true love open. Once you are free and clear, this passionate relationship will begin IMMEDIATELY, and it will DEFINITELY be the one! Again, it will only work when you prepare for this new lover. You must be ready when they appear. This is something else that you cannot wait on. It is a part of your destiny you MUST NOT MISS!
-I know you are trying to become successful in your business, but you are MISSING ONE KEY ELEMENT. There is something DIFFERENT you should be doing. By making a few simple changes to your routine, the negativity that holds you back will disappear. The road to your success will open up.
I see several things holding you back. In all I have sensed for you, there is some sort of BLOCKAGE in your psychic energy. NEGATIVE FORCES are keeping you from reaching the next step in your life. You are frustrated, upset that life is PASSING YOU BY.
This is what makes this message so urgent! With The World card in your future, all these obstacles can be overcome! You can be on the right path—starting now! I have seen it, and now YOU can see it too.
What we need to do is find the SOURCES of this disturbance. Discover the root cause of this interruption. Once we pinpoint the reasons, you can use POSITIVE METHODS to rid yourself of this hurdle.
I know that you have been feeling as if you are STUCK IN NEUTRAL. Your relationships have not given you FULFILLMENT. Your career is going nowhere, and your money situation is far from enough. Your soul is WEARY, and you feel as if you have NOWHERE to turn.
I am here to help you! I want you to get out of this terrible rut right away! It is urgent you do something about your condition now! It would be tragic to do nothing at this time. As your friend, I cannot let this opportunity go by.
When you contact me, or one of my special groups of psychic associates, it will be the first step to realizing the GREAT FORTUNE you deserve. By examining your individual energy, you can know for sure where your future rests. I am excited for you, and I know you are even more excited.
All the things denied to you—better health, more money, real relationships and the success in your career—could be within your grasp. Starting NOW! The World has foretold them. Now that you know it, you can enjoy it too.

I see The World as the best card of the deck, because when it appears in a reading you can be confident good things in a spiritual and material nature.

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