The Card of Death… and LIFE!

The Tarot is full of power and mystery. It is a wonder to us all, even to those of us who have studied Tarot for years. However, one card is the most mysterious—and the most misunderstood—of the entire deck. That card is Death.

The Death card appeared in your reading, and as a perceptive Tarot reader, I am compelled to address it immediately! I see it as critical to your peace of mind. You need to know NOW, and I am here to tell you. Death has shown itself in your Tarot spread. Some look upon it with extreme fear. It makes you very uncomfortable… I understand. The thought of passing from mortal life can be disturbing.

But for you—and this is extremely important—the Death card does NOT mean imminent physical death. It does deal with a form of spiritual death, but in a way that is ultimately good and life affirming. Death is a card representing a need for change and transformation. Its presence should be looked as a signal; a turning point has been reached or is about to happen. There is the promise of a new day, and the death of the old self. A threshold needs to be crossed, one of rebirth and revival. You must cross it—NOW!

It may be that the Tarot suggests some changes must be made immediately. And I say to you—time will not allow you to wait another minute! Strong cards—especially Death—are signs of powerful influences that are only now beginning to happen in your life. Ignoring this powerful sign is definitely not recommended.

I know this all sounds a little harsh—and it should! It should act as a warning to you. You are at a special point in your life, a time when you need to wake up. This reading was the signal that the time is here—TODAY! I urge you; there are some critical things standing right in front of your eyes; signals of your immediate future. You may not know their meaning—right now—but you must be shown what they are!

Do you understand what this means for you? That is quite all right, my dear friend, I will help you make sense of it. As I say, the reason I am here today is to be your guide! With my ability as an understanding and well trained psychic, I have exactly what you need in this time of very serious changes—wisdom and insight into your destiny.

This will be a very important time in your life, with the right preparation. It could very well shape things for years to come. Every part of your life will be affected, and nothing will come from this time untouched. What I am saying may be against all your initial feelings about the Death card. Yes, its appearance can be shocking. But you must see this as the hint of a wonderful opportunity. One thing is certain—you must not overlook this! Above all, Death is not a card that should be feared, but celebrated!

So… what is next? What can be done with these signs—and the Death card—since now you have been informed it is there for you?

This should come as a relief to you—the answer is simple! And answers you shall have! Changes are coming—that you can be sure. What is necessary is to use this period of change in a way that will be best for you. You can come out a winner in all this! In that, you can have complete confidence.

I know you are wondering… how can all that be done? Do not doubt me… it can be accomplished. All will be revealed to you soon, and you will able to use this knowledge to change your destiny for the better.

As the cards suggest, the future will be a fascinating place for you… filled with much excitement and good fortune. I have seen it, but only briefly. As of right now your life is starting a period of change. Without your action—TODAY—your life will continue to change, but for the worse. Do not fear. With the right information, you can avoid any hardship!

This one single Tarot reading has given me a hint of what is to come. It was there that Death came into the spread, and with it—urgency! Knowing the future can be an important tool for planning and preparation, and I want you to have all the benefits.

I write you today to give you a warning, and to let you know there is a fantastic group of psychics—all specially chosen for this task. They are all at your disposal. I strongly recommend you contact them immediately! Don’t wait!

In a Tarot reading, any card—no matter what the meaning—should open a discussion. It should lead you to examine your life, and how we can make YOUR future better for you! Just call us TODAY!

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