The DEVIL watches you…
Can he be beaten?
The Devil Card emerged in your Tarot reading—are you feeling his presence? You must act NOW… before he makes himself KNOWN!
The Devil is chasing YOU! But what can you do? There IS an answer! Find out how to move from the Devil’s shadow—with just ONE phone call!
I am a third-generation Mystic, specializing in the mysteries of the Tarot. What I have learned is that the cards are an instrument, much like a fine violin. Play them well, and the beauty of the universe will be opened to you.
In a few cases, however, a Tarot spread can serve as a warning—giving notice that your life is NOT what it should be.
Today, I find myself in a position to WARN YOU!
I know we have never met, and this message may seem strange and sudden, but it all comes from what I sensed about YOU! Clear as day! I could do nothing else but to send you this message—IMMEDIATELY!
Let me begin…
It all started with a simple reading—nothing special, I assure you! But after a few moments the cards felt a little strange. UNUSUAL VIBRATIONS arose as I held each card. At first the throbbing was very weak, getting a little stronger with each turn of the card. This left me more than a little shocked, since I used my favorite deck, one that I hold in a special silk wrapping—protected from all sorts of negative energy. I had to understand the reason for this force.
As I said, yours was not a normal reading! Especially upon reaching the last card—the FINAL RESULT!
Yes, my hand felt a PECULIAR HEAT; it seemed as if this last card was filled with ENERGY! It was COMPLETELY AMAZING!
I then turned over the fiery card and saw it was—THE DEVIL!
The Devil made a CRUCIAL appearance in your reading, but it could be a reading that just may SAVE YOUR LIFE!
The Devil card suggests many things—many of them ominous and menacing. The most important is the seeker’s overwhelming connection to the material world, as well as a distressing loss of spirit. His nature is of a notorious trickster, leading innocent people—like YOU—away from the happy life you deserve, pushing you into a life of sadness and despair!
You can only imagine how disturbing it is to have THE DEVIL appear to me—even more so when accompanied by hot flames of the wicked! I couldn’t do anything else until I contacted you RIGHT AWAY!
Most people live their lives unaware of the TRUE NATURE of things. They go about their day… live… eat… pray… and love… all without knowing the forces at work in their lives—both GOOD and BAD!
I see it every day—people come to me pleading for help. UNSEEN INFLUENCES are tormenting them, causing sadness and misery. They want me to get rid of the troubles plaguing their lives. Being the type of person I am—someone who refuses to turn away those in need—I use my gift of psychic wonders to open a path for them—a path to TRUE LOVE, more MONEY, better RELATIONSHIPS and MORE!
What gives me the most pleasure in my special calling is when I can reach out to someone I know needs help more than anyone else—today, that person is YOU! I am relieved to finally reach you—just in the nick of time, too.
Before the Devil’s power has a chance to INFECT your life!
Please… don’t be frightened! You are NOT alone! There are many things that can be done. I know you may find it hard to believe, but the appearance of The Devil can be a GOOD THING for you!
This card shows where you your real interests lie—in GOODNESS! My dramatic Tarot reading tells me there is hope for you yet—in finding a better life with more MONEY, better SEXUAL RELATIONS, closer FRIENDS and deeper ties to FAMILY! We can help you defeat The Devil—and get the life you DESERVE!
I have surrounded myself with many other MysticsGOOD, KIND and SENSITIVE. All of us are blessed with the special knowledge YOU need in this time of uncertainty. We are all here—waiting to help you BEAT THE DEVIL!

It’s in the cards… BREAK FREE with THE MAGICIAN!

It’s in the cards…
Oh, you cannot begin to understand how EXCITED I am for you! It is thrilling to think of what could lie ahead in your life. Your possibilities can be incredible!
However, I feel something else is beginning to happen. With the excitement I have in my heart, I also have a strong sense of ALARM—a FEAR that your life is going down the wrong path. Can you feel it as well? You must do something about it—NOW!
Before you read further, I beg you… to CALL TODAY! Stop the fear! Waiting—even a few days—could mean the difference between your life of happiness and one of despair.
It is not that you are consciously making bad choices or doing things to hurt your chances at happiness. In fact, I know you have been trying to live a good, honest life. But underneath it all, don’t you think there could be something MORE out there for you?
I DO! That is what makes this message so IMPORTANT. Please, let me explain.
Through a series of important Tarot readings, I discovered that at this very moment there are forces—DARK AND EVIL FORCES—at work in your life. Lately they have become especially mischievous, preventing you from enjoying real success—things you have worked very hard to achieve.
MONEY—PASSION—ROMANCE—SUCCESS—GOOD HEALTH AND WELL-BEING—they all are being DENIED to you by negative energy in your life! This must stop TODAY!
What brought about all this was a single Tarot card! This card holds the power to make me drop everything and send you this URGENT warning. It was a dominant sign of unusual things to come—life-changing events in your life that may be ALREADY BEGINNING!
That card was… THE MAGICIAN!
Ahead in your immediate future, The Magician has shown me the SPIRITUAL DANGER in your life. You are at risk—RIGHT NOW—of missing a better life; things like CLOSER FRIENDS, BETTER FAMILY RELATIONS, MORE MONEY and TRUE SATISFACTION! That’s right… today you are in PERIL—and your situation gives you little time to waste.
The image on The Magician Tarot card is one of power and attitude; a figure holding his wand high, ready to summon the power of the universe. He is prepared to transform earthly items in a burst of cosmic energy.
In other words, The Magician is waiting to perform WONDERFUL MAGIC in your life—converting EVERYTHING in your immediate circle—but something is HOLDING HIM BACK! It is my duty to help you STOP whatever is preventing you from living the good life—and I promise you, before you can become truly happy, this blockage MUST BE STOPPED!
Tarot readings have helped me to see the things to come if you continue on the current path of your life. Yes, there is a future with many fascinating things—but NOT ALL IS GOOD!
There is SOME good news, however. It doesn’t have to be that way—and here’s how….
Everything points to this simple conclusion—you must act NOW! Call today, before you reach a point where you CANNOT TURN BACK!
In times of trouble, I urge you to reach out and turn to the Tarot and me. The cards have been a source of comfort for those lost in spirit—someone such as YOU! The way of the cards is shrouded in mystery, even to those of us who have studied the Tarot for years.
One thing is true; the Tarot WORKS—as I will show you when you CALL NOW!
The Magician revealed himself in your reading. I am an experienced Tarot reader and this event cries out for me to discuss it with you IMMEDIATELY! I write to you today, confident you want to know when something is holding you back—so you can get rid of it FOR GOOD and live your new life filled with LOVE, MONEY and JOY!
This one single Tarot reading has given me a hint of the direction your life is taking. It all began when The Magician came into your spread—it was a CALL TO ACTION! Knowing your future is the most important tool for doing the right things, and I certainly want you to have the chance to be HAPPY!
I see this point in time as one that is critical for a secure future. There are things that you must know NOW… and it is why I say these things to you TODAY. Danger and uncertainty are close to becoming a part of your life—all shown to me through the call of the Tarot.
We MUST see this through—and a FULL TAROT READING will provide you with clear answers.
While you may look upon this with alarm, I am here to give you comfort. I realize this uncertainty may make you a little uncomfortable and the thought of something that is out there working against you can be disturbing.
There is one thing to remember. This is extremely important—the Magician card does NOT mean you are in any physical danger, my dear. It speaks of a form of spiritual growth, one that will ultimately be the best for you.
Magicians are a symbol of change. His appearance in this reading should be looked as an important sign; you will soon be presented with some crucial choices.
An in-depth Tarot Reading can give you the insights into what choices are the best ones for you. What can be better than that?
One thing is clear from this most recent reading; there is hope of a new day—as well as MONEY AND LOVE—as long as you pay careful attention to the signs! You will approach a fork in the road of your life, and SOMEONE OR SOMETHING is hiding the better path from your view. It is my belief that before you move any further along in life, you must first see ALL your options.
What we offer you is a way you can see EXACTLY what your options are.
It may be that the cards are suggesting you make some immediate changes. If that is the case, you must not wait another minute! Strong cards—especially The Magician—indicate the presence of outside forces. Maybe it is family, friends, co-workers… or something more spiritual! Whatever it is—coming from this world or the next—a spiritual energy is trying to take charge in your life.
You need to take care of this—TODAY!
I say to you… ignoring the powerful sign of The Magician is definitely not a good idea.
I know you have some questions. “What would happen if I let things be; can’t I just wait until all this passes?”
What if I said to you that WITHOUT these negative forces coming into your life, you could be RICH—see MORE MONEY THAN YOU CAN SPEND IN A LIFETIME—meet your DREAM LOVER—perhaps begin a PASSIONATE ROMANCE or a HEALTHIER LIFE?
This message should serve as a WARNING. You need to WAKE UP TO THE FACTS—that something is out there. The Magician should be your first clue. He waits for your next move!
By contacting me, or one of my advisors NOW, you can reach out—and get the help you need during this critical time.
Do you really understand what all this means for you? That is quite all right, my dear friend. We are here show you a way to sort it all out. As I say, the reason we exist is to lend you our psychic minds and spirits. To make the right choices, we urge you to use the connections we have established with the unseen universe!
With our abilities, as well as the understanding you get from well-trained psychics, you have exactly what you need in this time of very serious changes. Let the wisdom and insight of The Magician—and the Tarot—to help you to BREAK FREE!