HARMONIOUS LIVING By Margaret Sanders The flow of “Chi” (energy) from one entity to another is the basis of Feng Shui. The Chi energy in your environment influences your moods, emotions, physical energy and, over time, your health. Chi energy is carried through the environment by wind, water, the sun’s energy, light and sound. It flows in andContinue reading “HARMONIOUS LIVING”

Aphrodisiacs—Do They Really Work?

Aphrodisiacs—Do They Really Work? Lately, in one form or another, we are continually surrounded by love (or lust). Endless advertisements claiming that help is available; find the perfect partner, improve our sex lives and have an endless sex drive. It is based on the mere suggestion that a particular product can lead to the possibilityContinue reading “Aphrodisiacs—Do They Really Work?”

A (not so) untenable situation…

I knew it was too good to last… After finding myself at the threshold of a new and exciting phase of my life, I the rug has been abruptly pulled out from underneath, through a series of “cutbacks.” I suddenly found myself back on the market, looking everywhere for writing work, copy writing, editing, free-lancing,Continue reading “A (not so) untenable situation…”

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