Today’s Motivation… The Most Powerful Emotional Bond

Author: Bagande

If you have ever heard me talk about love, then you have heard me consider building “emotional bonds” with your partner.

These bonds are when two people have a link, an attraction to each other that is not just physical or “friendship.” Being physically attracted to each other, sharing common values and interests—it’s what brought the two of you together in the first place.

However, this does not mean that you have automatically built an emotional bond. Besides loving and caring each other, you also need to know whether you are friends. This is vital.

Imagine when you’re an 80-year-old couple, all the physical and sexual attractions are in the past… you want something to rely on, not to mention something to talk about!

Passion and sexuality are essential, but is not enough to make an emotional bond… one that will last forever.

With friendship, your love will have the advantage through all sorts of circumstances. There will be times when the two of you are not living in your most loving place. Don’t worry… this is natural, and it does not mean there is no love or lust.

As your relationship deepens, you will come across many experiences and stages that put romance and passion aside… at least for a while. This is where friendship comes in and why it’s so urgent. You should be there for each other and get your partner’s situations and concerns like a friend, not just a lover. Look around at your friends… see what makes friendships tick.

It’s not easy to put friends and lovers in the same box—we are in love with our partners, and more patient with them than with our friends. You can trick yourself by love you feel for your partner, not even realizing when they are not being a true friend.

How do you tell? Real friendship is composed of the same qualities that describe true love. The difference is, we have love and genuine passion for our partners. Commitment and building a future together are the main goals of a loving partnership.

Don’t feel guilty about having high expectations of your partner either. People often feel they should be a little more lenient and understanding when it comes to their partners. It is necessary to support an awareness, but you should never let everything slide or make up excuses for your partner’s wrongs. Expect better and do not allow such behaviors from them. You deserve better.

After all, you did spend most of your emotions and time into your partner, so always remember—you are entitled to receive the same!

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