Valentines Day on the Job: How to Make Office Romance Work!

It’s that time again! The day that puts fear in the hearts of human resources pros—Valentine’s Day. Tips on how to make an office romance work! With hearts, candy, flowers and love, once again office romances are a hot topic for human resources. The extra difficulty is the fact that office romances have become moreContinue reading “Valentines Day on the Job: How to Make Office Romance Work!”


Compatibility is the first step in any lasting relationship.  How do you find if you are compatible? The answer is both simple and complicated.  It starts with honest communication, as basic as a plain conversation with the person who may be your everlasting love. 

Today’s Motivation… The Most Powerful Emotional Bond

If you have ever heard me talk about love, then you have heard me consider building “emotional bonds” with your partner. These bonds are when two people have a link, an attraction to each other that is not just physical or “friendship.” Being physically attracted to each other, sharing common values and interests—it’s what broughtContinue reading “Today’s Motivation… The Most Powerful Emotional Bond”

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