The Procrastination-Killing Tactic To Try Now (Or In 10 Minutes)

See on – Digital Human Resources News Procrastination is closely related to impatience. Their kinship is based on our bias toward the present over the future. Both are examples of the human tendency to overdiscount future events. See on

Millennials: Best. Generation. Ever? [Infographic]

Millennials—those workers born after the mid-1980s—are making their presence known in the workplace. They also offer an opportunity to learn about how the world might be changing—for better or worse.This generation enters the workforce as confident, well-educated, and technologically literate—as well as disproportionately unemployed. How will this shape the future? This infographic from  explores theContinue reading “Millennials: Best. Generation. Ever? [Infographic]”

The World

I send you this note to bring you GREAT NEWS. In fact, you may see it as a cause for celebration. This is a joyful message about your future… MONEY, LOVE, CAREER and GOOD HEALTH! I wanted you to have this news as soon as possible. I don’t have to remind you that the TarotContinue reading “The World”

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