Small Business Gets Creative in Response to Obamacare

The closer Obamacare gets to full implementation, businesses get more creative in finding ways to wriggle out of it. The Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, has many businesses scrambling to find ways to free themselves from the new regulations. As reported in an article by Sally Pipes for—U.S. Companies Engage In FinancialContinue reading “Small Business Gets Creative in Response to Obamacare”

Time To Hire an HR Manager? [Infographic]

A company opens up a second location, or is in a growth spurt and needs to hire more employees. Perhaps they landed their first big account, and sales are shooting up. As a business owner, your hard work and sweat is finally beginning to pay off. The first thing is “Congratulations!” You are on your way to the big time! A growingContinue reading “Time To Hire an HR Manager? [Infographic]”

Raymond James HCM Newsletter Oct 2012

The Raymond James Human Capital Monthly Newsletter provides a comprehensive overview of sector-specific public company performance and relative trading multiples, recent M&A and financing transactions as well as other important events that have taken place in the sector. From a business model perspective, it spans Human Capital companies across software/internet, outsourcing, transaction/data processing and staffingContinue reading “Raymond James HCM Newsletter Oct 2012”

Today’s Motivation…

Consciously seek opportunities to interact with others in a positive and life-affirming manners. Remember to place the needs of others ahead of shallow personal “wants.” If you look for a life of goodness, you quickly realize that time on earth is not only about your own comfort, but also in providing comfort to others. ConfessContinue reading “Today’s Motivation…”

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