How to Get Exceptional Things from Average Employees

Not every employee is a superstar, but everyone can provide exceptional performance.

Five brilliant ways to get great things from even the most mediocre employee.

How to get extraordinary things from average employeesExcellent employees are no guarantee a company will be great. Even with several star players, a sports team can still lose.

Not everyone is a superstar! However, the secret to success is not filling a company with exceptional workers, but getting the best out of the ones you have.

This can be accomplished no matter what skill level they possess.

Promote a feeling that every employee—even average ones—can succeed beyond their potential, your organization will achieve greatness.

Five brilliant ways to get extraordinary things out of average workers:

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Four Steps to Developing a Personal Management Style

There are practically as many management styles as there are managers. That could be a good thing.

Four steps to developing your own management style.

Management stylesManagement is a multifaceted process, with a wide range of considerations; many management styles are tied to specific situations.

What is the right approach for some groups of employees may not work for others.

Since management styles are (slightly) different for each person, the path to becoming a skilled manager is doing what works for you. It starts with taking inventory of yourself, recognizing which management traits will promote improved productivity in your employees.

Four steps to developing your own management style:

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Today’s Motivation… Bad Bosses

AngerMany things can happen in the workplace. One of the most caustic is working under a bad boss. The reasons behind imperfect management can be varied—disrespectful, offensive or arrogant. They could even be a decent person, but have poor leadership skills. Continue reading “Today’s Motivation… Bad Bosses”

Today’s Motivations…

Tollie's Daily Mojo

True spirituality cannot be found in the noise and restlessness of modern life. Take the time to quiet your mind, even if it is for a few precious moments.

In silence, one finds their inner spirit.

There is no hope for positive change, unless there is first the sincere desire to change. Real progress is not something that comes from outside your mind, but from within the deepest parts of yourself.

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Today’s Motivations

Never wait for inspiration… actively bring it into your life.

spirituality shelf
spirituality shelf (Photo credit: professor megan)

Spirituality is not something handed to you; it must be collected.

Few people take the time and effort, but no one will ever say it was not worth the work they put into it.

Nevertheless, you must find out the meaning of inspiration for yourself.