Ten Ways to Kill an Otherwise Promising Job Search

It takes time to mount an effective job search, but it only takes a moment to kill one.

Job SearchHere are ten things that will kill an otherwise promising job search:

1.       Bemoaning a long, demanding job search

Even if you have been on the market for a long time, find any way to make your efforts seem positive, as though you took the time off by choice. Make it appear as if you have enjoyed your time networking with various contacts.

2.       Getting impatient with the process

Understand that the hiring decisions can drag on for weeks, if not months. Pestering your contacts frequently, by either phone or email, will not speed up the process and only hurt your chances.

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Five Lies My HR Department Told Me, and The Truth Behind Them

They may not be honest-to-goodness lies, but they do represent common misunderstandings in the workplace.

Lies My HR Department Told MeHas your HR department been lying to you? Or, if you are an HR pro, have you told any of these falsehoods?

Now, before anyone goes crazy over the title, these “lies” that Human Resources departments tell are not conscious ones – nor even particularly malicious — but often based on misinformation common to many workplaces.

(Well, perhaps except the first)

Technology and changing workplace rules make the employee-employer relationship — as well as the rules that govern them — even more complex. But there is no excuse for an HR department not knowing the right way to approach these collective workplace issues.

Five Lies My HR Department Told Me, and the Truth Behind Them:

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5 Skills That Will Make You Indispensable At Your Job

5 Skills That Will Make You Indispensable At Your Job (via A Hire Calling)

The following is a guest post by Sarah Boisvert. Job security is a top concern in today’s tight job market. One way to ensure your job is here to stay is to make yourself indispensable to your employer. By developing some key skills, it’s easy to…

Human Resources: Free live ovation demo

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The Top 10 Hardest Jobs for Employers to Fill

You might not believe which jobs are the hardest for employers to fill!

Top 10 jobs hardest for employers to fill

For many business owners, they are starting to see a light at the end of a long dark economic tunnel.

In a number of sectors, the U.S. economy is getting better. Unemployment numbers are dropping, and banks are starting to lend again to small business.

However, there are still jobs that employers find difficult to fill.

More than one-third of hiring managers (35 percent) have positions now that have remained open for at least 12 weeks, according a study by CareerBuilder.

Which jobs are the hardest to fill, where they need workers now?

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3 Toxic Employees You Need to Fire Now

(Via Entrepreneur magazine)

toxic employeeFrom a thoughtful hiring process to a thorough training program, you’ve done everything you can to find and prepare the best employees for your company. But no system is foolproof and sometimes a few bad apples can slip through the cracks.

Of course, some people just need a simple redirect to fall in line, so trying to correct the behavior should be your first step. But other times, employees can be so toxic, they can poison your workplace, says human resources consultant Suzanne Benoit, founder of Portland, Maine-based Benoit Consulting Services.

“You can have someone who is a very good technical performer, but that makes other people in the office go home crying,” Benoit says. “If you have people who are interfering with the performance of others, you need to consider letting them go.”

It’s a good idea to consult legal counsel before you terminate someone for their behavior to ensure you’ve protected yourself. But, in her experience, Benoit says these three types of employees usually just have to go.

1. The Untouchable

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