3 Toxic Employees You Need to Fire Now

(Via Entrepreneur magazine) From a thoughtful hiring process to a thorough training program, you’ve done everything you can to find and prepare the best employees for your company. But no system is foolproof and sometimes a few bad apples can slip through the cracks. Of course, some people just need a simple redirect to fall in line, soContinue reading “3 Toxic Employees You Need to Fire Now”

What Do Hourly Employees Value?

Nearly 60 percent of U.S. workers are hourly employees, does your organization know what makes them tick? (Via TribeHR) The majority of staff in the United States are hourly employees who have little to no control over their work schedules. The retail industry has an annual turnover of 80–100%. The cost of replacing hourly workersContinue reading “What Do Hourly Employees Value?”

Security and Savings by Offboarding Employees

Everybody talks about “talent acquisition,” recruitment and onboarding new employees. What about offboarding? The other end of the employee lifecycle—offboarding—provides another opportunity for a company to protect its assets and reputation. No one disagrees onboarding is necessary for the long-term health of a company. Few human resources pros have an organized plan for when employees leave. OffboardingContinue reading “Security and Savings by Offboarding Employees”

Why Big Data can be a Big Deal in Human Resources

Big Data has become one of the hottest buzzwords in business. With it comes both pros and cons. Big Data has become one of the world’s biggest business buzzwords, with good reason. It does have the power to transform human resources and talent management. However, like any new jargon, Big Data does come with someContinue reading “Why Big Data can be a Big Deal in Human Resources”

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