Ten Ways to Kill an Otherwise Promising Job Search

It takes time to mount an effective job search, but it only takes a moment to kill one.

Job SearchHere are ten things that will kill an otherwise promising job search:

1.       Bemoaning a long, demanding job search

Even if you have been on the market for a long time, find any way to make your efforts seem positive, as though you took the time off by choice. Make it appear as if you have enjoyed your time networking with various contacts.

2.       Getting impatient with the process

Understand that the hiring decisions can drag on for weeks, if not months. Pestering your contacts frequently, by either phone or email, will not speed up the process and only hurt your chances.

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5 Skills That Will Make You Indispensable At Your Job

5 Skills That Will Make You Indispensable At Your Job (via A Hire Calling)

The following is a guest post by Sarah Boisvert. Job security is a top concern in today’s tight job market. One way to ensure your job is here to stay is to make yourself indispensable to your employer. By developing some key skills, it’s easy to…

Human Resources: Free live ovation demo

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Green Jobs: Top 10 Green Jobs Predictions for 2013

Green Jobs: Top 10 Green Jobs Predictions for 2013 (via U.S. Green Technology)

The green jobs road is looking pretty saturated for 2013—for a variety of reasons. Whether you like to spend time in the sun or prefer crunching numbers behind a cubicle, you’d benefit from knowing what prospective job fields will look like in the…

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Three Useless, But Common, Interview Questions

Most common interview questions don’t get to the heart of the matter — knowing if the candidate is the right person for the job.

Interview QuestionsThe majority of standard interview questions actually discover little about a job seeker. Of course, all interview questions are the same question—why should we hire you?

As for the candidate, they obviously have one mission—to get the job.

However, the average hiring manager is extremely busy, and they often they execute a series of offenses:

  • Answering phone calls during interviews
  • Not taking notes, acting bored or distracted
  • Bad-mouthing their companies
  • And the worst of all—asking those “gotcha” questions without a good reason

The cost of asking terrible interview questions can be anything from hiring the wrong people to driving away fully qualified applicants. What can make things even worse; poorly trained hiring managers can leave employers open to legal liability by asking biased questions.

The concepts behind successful interviewing are simple—better interviews lead to better employees. Asking the right questions can get enough information to get the best people for the job.

Avoid these three useless interview questions, and incorporate some few well-worded replacements:

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10 Meaningless Words That Will Kill Your Resume

A resume that looks and sounds like a million others will never become a winner.

Make your resume stand out by ditching ten meaningless and empty words and phrases.

Resume Today, you have only one guarantee one when applying for a job—your resume will never be alone.  Expect it to sit in a stack of dozens, hundreds or even thousands.

It is no secret that to get ahead, you have to stand out.

Your resume represents valuable real estate, like ad space for you and your unique brand. Each word must have maximum impact to reach your goal—getting the job.

With that said, there are certain words and phrases overused by job seekers. In fact, they use them so much they have become dull, trivial and utterly inadequate.

A strong resume should avoid these 10 meaningless words and phrases. This way the hiring manager’s eyes won’t glaze over when seeing the same garbage over and over and over…

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Infographic Resumes: Here to Stay, Or Just a Passing Fad?

The most difficult part of a modern job search is determining if the latest technology is a definite movement or only a passing fad. One example is infographic resumes.

Infographic resume (2)Everyone agrees that finding a job can be a job in itself, especially for employers who have to sift through thousands of identical resumes. So it might be reasonable to think job seekers will use eye-catching tricks in an attempt to stand out. One popular trend has become the infographic resume.

With infographic resumes, is it more than just a fad? It could be here to stay.

Video resumes are a prime example of technology gone awry—perhaps even becoming a running joke with employers. Some experts swear by them, others say job seekers should stay away.

The same is true with infographics, the vision and design phenomenon that has now made its way into the world of the resume.

How to Hire the Best Talent: Ovation Technologies

Infographics have already become common business tools, popular for summarizing information in visually appealing ways and making them easy to understand.

It is not difficult to imagine job seekers will try to do the same for their qualifications, strengths and abilities.

Isn’t that is the point of a resume, anyway?

However, an effective infographic resume should depend on the situation and type of job you are seeking. Do it right and it could get you noticed (in a good way); do infographic resumes wrong, and you may be the object of office jokes for years to come.

Four tips for creating a successful infographic resume:

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Smart Interview Answers: “Why You Left Your Last Job?”

For job seekers, the interview is an indication of how well you carry yourself.

Preparation is essential, to anticipate some of what will be asked in the interview by an employer or hiring manager.

Interview tips from www.HRNewsDaily.comOne fastest ways to wreck an otherwise smooth-running interview is being unnecessarily hung up on a simple question.

This is not to recommend a candidate should appear so rehearsed that answers sound canned, hollow and lack sincerity. It is just that there always should be a reasonably clear response to the most frequently asked interviewer questions.

The single interview question that seems to mix people up is, “Why did you leave (or are looking to leave) your previous employer?”

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