Living Healthy Can Be Simple

Living a healthy lifestyle. It is a natural way to live and is possible for anyone.  If your goals are to live a healthier lifestyle, or to maintain the health you have, taking a few small steps will lead to substantial benefits.

Here are few things to consider:

·                     Take care of what you already have.

Maintain the health you have now. If you feel you are not living as healthy as you want, start with this moment! The past is history. Your new life is here. Every day you are one step closer to achieving the health goals you set. Take care of your body and soul—by taking action now.

As your grandmother used to say, “No time like the present.”

·                     Get moving!

Introducing exercise into your life can be the most important thing a person can do to reach a healthy lifestyle.  It is something you can do today.  A short 20 minutes of walking can be a good start. Exercise does not mean hours in an expensive gym or hundreds of dollars of special equipment.  All you need is an open door.  Go outside and walk.  Start slow and have fun!  Pace yourself.  If you try to do too much at once, you run the risk of burnout. Even a few minutes can be fine—anything is a good start! 

A healthy lifestyle is a process and takes one day at a time.

·                     Make healthier diet choices.

You do not have to give up the things you love to be on the road to health.  Start small and be creative.  Introduce some new vegetables into your diet.  Find some healthy foods you like and add them to your diet.  Read labels and watch salt, sugar and fat counts.

·                     Watch what you eat.

In a healthy lifestyle, the amount you eat is as important as the food you eat. Small snacks several times a day are better for your body than three huge meals.  Your body is like an engine, and small bursts of energy will keep your engine running smoothly.  Invest in a small kitchen scale. It does not have to be expensive. You can find them at the thrift store.  Use it and keep aware of the size of your food portions. Monitor your eating habits by starting a food journal.

You may be surprised with amounts of food you consume, sometimes without even knowing!

·                     Do not “lose weight”—be healthy.

It is important for a healthy lifestyle to keep a proper weight.  In addition, no one likes to be told they need to lose a few pounds.  If your health goal is only to lose weight, you will be less successful.  The idea for a healthy lifestyle is to feel better and live better.  Taking care of you should be the reason for any lifestyle changes. 

The goal is to be happy with yourself and your body, no matter your size.

·                     Talk with an expert.

Take the time to get regular checkups, including blood pressure and diabetes.  Have a conversation with your doctor or health professional. If you have any family history of health problems, it is essential to talk with them about any changes to your lifestyle.  They can guide you in how important it is to maintain good health.
Health is something that cannot be rushed. The most successful lifestyle changes are ones that come gradually.  It is impossible to force well being. Nevertheless, you can always take an active part in creating the lifestyle you want. 

The best thing for your body is to start slow and let your wellbeing build naturally. You will find that with good things, one positive step will lead to the next.  Healthiness can be like a snowball rolling down a hill.  It will grow on itself. 

By making some small initial changes in your everyday life, you will begin feel better. Soon your new lifestyle will make you healthier and happier.

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