Ways to Boost Metabolism Rates

Ways to Boost Metabolism Rates

For people who want to live a healthier life, there are two fundamental goals—increasing energyand losing weight. Both are easier when boosting your metabolism rate—in ways that are easy, natural and effective:

• Always eat breakfast.

In the morning, your energy reserves are low—your body and brain need refueling. When skipping breakfast, metabolism slows, making it more difficult for weight maintenance. A person who eatsbreakfast consistently is less likely to be overweight over those who do not; they are also more likely to eat less during the day.

• Eat little and often.

Eating small, frequent meals can help you maintain metabolism while losing weight. Our bodiesburn calories by digesting food. Consuming small snacks regularly throughout the day elevates metabolic rates for hours after eating. Ideally, these small meals should be spaced around regular meals, balancing blood sugars and conserving energy levels.

• Get moving.

Exercise is one of various weight loss benefits—even after your workout, calories continue to burn. This effect can last hours post-workout; the body replenishes energy reserves and improves muscle mass.

• Add the muscle.

To increase your long-term metabolic rate, you want to bulk up. Lean muscle mass increases your calorie-burning ability; calories are stored as body fat. Our muscles are furnaces, burning food for energy. Increasing muscle mass also increases metabolism—that way we consume more calories, even while resting.

• Get the protein.

Foods high in protein are better at boosting metabolism; they help burn more calories each day. Eating protein means that more calories you eat will burn off as heat. Low-fat proteins are best—lean meat, chicken, fish, low-fat cheese, yogurt and milk.

• Afternoon walks.

Research shows moderate exercise after meals, such as walking, turn more calories into heat and promote your body to burn more as well as increasing calorie requirements. There are also beneficial cardiovascular effects—like lowered blood pressures.

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