Eric Deggans: Why the press always loses hypocrisy debate with Newt Gingrich

Eric Deggans, of the Tampa Bay Times, talks about why the press seems to always be on the losing end when talking about the hypocrisy of Newt Gingrich. Newt’s mockery of the sanctity of marriage is well-known and just as well-documented. Ironically, he becomes a right-wing martyr if anyone is so “bold” as to bring it up.Continue reading “Eric Deggans: Why the press always loses hypocrisy debate with Newt Gingrich”

Supreme Court says search warrants needed when police use GPS devices to track suspects

In a unanimous ruling of the Supreme Court, police must get a search warrant to use a GPS device to track suspects, the Washington Post reports.

Gingrich Bets on Attack Mode Against News Media

The New York Times is reporting that Newt Gingrich is using an anti-media campaign to continue his winning streak in Florida. “With momentum on his side, Mr. Gingrich kept up the attacks on Sunday, accusing David Gregory, the moderator of NBC News’s “Meet the Press,” of distorting his record.” Accusations against the media are nothingContinue reading “Gingrich Bets on Attack Mode Against News Media”

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