Five Job Search Secrets to Get You the Next Great Job

Making it to the next phase of your career does not just take right qualifications, excellent skills and a little hard work.

It helps to know a few job search secrets, as well.

top secret job search secretsHere are five job search secrets that will get you the perfect job. They are mostly about the ways you see the job search, as well as your own frame of mind.

They are not particularly difficult to use, and you can add them into your regular job search routine easily.

To get the job quickly, take these job search secrets and let them start working for you:

Job Search Secret #1: Mine for referral gold first

The first secret to a successful job search begins with a mining expedition—mining for referrals. Go anywhere to find a link to your target company. It is no surprise that a link to a company will give you the edge, so look deep in your network for anyone who can help.

You can mine referral gold practically anywhere: friends, family, former classmates and more. You can touch base with former professors, or even ex-bosses and co-workers. Anything can help, at least at first.

Don’t count anyone out—those six degrees of separation could by the difference between getting your resume seen by decision makers, of having it die a slow death on an assistant’s desk.

Job Search Secret #2: Go beyond the resume

A written resume is still the basic tool for getting a job. However, online resources will soon replace the paper resume. A good place to start is creating a personal blog with your resume. allows you to create a free blog, where you can post your resume as a separate webpage.

An online presence with a blog serves two functions: you will be able to share your qualifications with employers easily, and potential employers will learn how your internet skills are up to date.

Job Search Secret #3: LinkedIn is king!

Speaking of online presence, LinkedIn has become the first place to connect with hiring managers, executives and other decision makers. The social network is the place to go to create a powerful network of professional contacts.

Many employers will even go to LinkedIn before looking at a physical resume, so it is best to start a job search by keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date.

Job Search Secret #4: Ditch the 30-second elevator speech

Most job-search experts suggest that you should have a 30-second “elevator speech,” something that is practiced and refined. It should briefly summarize your talents and qualifications, and should be ready to go at a moment’s notice.

The problem with an elevator speech is that if it is too slick, a hiring manager will stop listening after 10 seconds. The goal is not to push yourself, but to engage your audience, making them want to learn more about you.

Instead of a quick bullet-point summary, try to develop a narrative about you, your skills and qualifications. Tell a story about the person you are, your strengths and what you can do for the right employer. People love a compelling story, and they will gladly give you more than 30 seconds if your story is worth it.

Job Search Secret #5: Renew your focus

It is no secret that a job search is more than sending hundreds of resumes, or continuously posting on job boards. To get a job in today’s market, you have to focus your efforts! Nothing smells like desperation than scattershot resume blasts.

This final secret is not anything you can do, but how you see yourself. Stop viewing yourself as someone out of work. You want to submit your “brand” to a company as a valuable resource who is looking for a new home for your talents. You ideal job is the next phase of a rewarding career. Be selective, and only apply to companies that give you real opportunities.

The biggest job search secret is within you!

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