Aphrodisiacs—Do They Really Work?

Aphrodisiacs—Do They Really Work?
Lately, in one form or another, we are continually surrounded by love (or lust). Endless advertisements claiming that help is available; find the perfect partner, improve our sex lives and have an endless sex drive. It is based on the mere suggestion that a particular product can lead to the possibility of sex. Of course, claims like that are certain to boost sales and suppliers know this.
So… is there such a thing as an aphrodisiac, or is it all just a myth?
Aphrodisiacs actually provide sexual desire, but don’t—as often thought—improve performance in the bedroom. It is hormones in the body that actually make us feel sexually aroused and more receptive to the idea of making love, but if the balance is not right, we are obviously not going to feel in the mood.
Lack of sexual interest can also be due to many other factors: fatigue, stress, depression, anxiety and occasionally some serious medical conditions—it may be wise to seek the advice of a doctor.
Many believe that eating certain foods and taking specific supplements will provide them with the “magic” properties they need for a night of passion. Unfortunately, there is not sufficient evidence to prove this theory either way. It could be that certain people need higher quantities of products to make them feel passionate. It may just be that some products work better on some people than they do on others.
It is also thought that as the first signals of desire are actually sent from the brain, aphrodisiacs may act as a placebo and simply relax the body in preparation for lovemaking—drugs and alcohol can also produce a similar relaxed feeling.
Although many foods and supplements have been cited as aphrodisiacs, two of the well-known ones are probably chocolate and oysters—not necessarily together.
Oysters are high in zinc, which is thought to improve sexual potency in men. Clams, muscles and oysters all contain compounds that may help to release sex hormones, such as, testosterone and oestrogen.
On the other hand, chocolate contains phenylethlamine and senotonium, which produce “feel good” chemicals in the body. They occur naturally in the body, and are released by the brain when we feel happy or passionate.
Bananas are rich in potassium and the B vitamins, which assist in the production of the sex hormones.
Ginger and Garlic
Ginger and garlic help increase circulation, helping to improve the body’s overall sense of health and well-being.
During medieval times, honey was used to make mead (or honeywine), an alcoholic drink. Mead this was believed to enhance sexual desire.
Along with foods, there are a number of supplements that are thought to act as aphrodisiacs.
Ginseng is a well-known aphrodisiac, as is rhino horn. Rhino horn actually contains a large proportion of calcium and phosphorus, which is thought to increase general health and help combat fatigue.
It is also thought that certain scents can lead to sexual desire. Again, everyone is different and a scent that attracts one person may repulse another. Sometimes it may be because a certain scent reminds you of something you feel comfortable with and therefore relaxed and open to passion.
The same could also be said about music. Exercise can do the same, by helping you unwind and get the circulation going. Exercise also releases endorphins into the brain, which helps give you the “feel good” factor.
So, perhaps so-called experts are not entirely satisfied with the use of aphrodisiacs and feel that you would be better off with regular exercise and a balanced diet.
Still, why not turn up the heat in the kitchen? Cook a meal for you and your partner that includes an assortment of aphrodisiacs. Let nature take its course, and hope for a night of passion to follow!

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