Rick Perry 2012: Texas governor less popular at home than Obama

Rick Perry shows us around his office. He's Te...

Running for president may have been the worst thing for Texas Gov. Rick Perry‘s career.

Not only did he fail to ignite passion in states like Iowa and New Hampshire, but it also hurt his popularity in his home state. An article on Slate.com cites recent polling from the Dallas Morning News putting Obama‘s job approval slightly higher than the long-time governor’s.

Only forty percent of those surveyed approved of Perry. That is three percent fewer than those who approve of Obama’s job performance.  In addition, over half feel Perry should not run for another term, although he still has three years left in the job.

Three years? That should give him enough time to change things, or (hopefully) prepare for retirement from public life.

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Rick Perry 2012: Texas governor less popular at home than Obama.

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One thought on “Rick Perry 2012: Texas governor less popular at home than Obama

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