Is Being a Jerk Good For Your Career?

Nice Guys May Truly Finish Last—Here Comes The Science! It might be fashionable (and a little pessimistic) to say “nice guys finish last,” Consider the fictional life of Gordon Gecko—or the very real Steve Jobs, known as a notorious screamer. It may seem that bad behavior pays off. However, is being a jerk—or other thingsContinue reading “Is Being a Jerk Good For Your Career?”

HR Leadership: 10 Steps to Employee Engagement

How to Create an Employee Engagement Culture A 2011 study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology found conclusively that investments in superior human capital generates better performance by the company. This should answer the question WHY employee engagement is needed, but it does not answer the question of HOW. Employees have to feel theContinue reading “HR Leadership: 10 Steps to Employee Engagement”

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