How to Narrow the Perception Gap Between Millennials and Human Resources Pros

On a job search, human resources pros learn how you see yourself through two things: your resume and interview. Proficiency, knowledge, and capacity to do a job are not tied to any single generation. In an interview, the hiring managers or human resources pros hold all the cards. In fact, theirs are the only cardsContinue reading “How to Narrow the Perception Gap Between Millennials and Human Resources Pros”

6 Reasons Why You Will Not Get A Promotion

Hard work and patience are necessary to get a promotion, but sometimes they are not enough. Passed over one too many times on the job?  You might want to self-examine for the reasons why. No matter what we think, there are remarkably few promises in life.  A work promotion is no different. Most workers wantContinue reading “6 Reasons Why You Will Not Get A Promotion”

Three Useless, But Common, Interview Questions

Most common interview questions don’t get to the heart of the matter — knowing if the candidate is the right person for the job. The majority of standard interview questions actually discover little about a job seeker. Of course, all interview questions are the same question—why should we hire you? As for the candidate, they obviouslyContinue reading “Three Useless, But Common, Interview Questions”

How to Get Exceptional Things From Average Employees

How to Get Exceptional Things from Average Employees (via Not every employee is a superstar, but everyone can provide exceptional performance. Five brilliant ways to get great things from even the most mediocre employee. Excellent employees are no guarantee a company will be great. Even with several star players, a sports team can still lose.NotContinue reading “How to Get Exceptional Things From Average Employees”

Working Families Flexibility Act: A Win for Workers?

To prove that the Congress can get things done, the House of Representatives passes the Working Families Flexibility Act. Almost as a challenge to the widespread belief that Congress cannot do anything, news came last week that something in Washington was actually agreed upon — the Working Families Flexibility Act of 2013. The bill, as written, willContinue reading “Working Families Flexibility Act: A Win for Workers?”

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