Nine Ways to Eliminate Hiring Bias

Hiring bias can negatively affect a company at every level, from senior management on down. When recruiters use emotion in a hiring decision rather than objective facts, it could lead to accusations of hiring bias. Using “your gut” to select a candidate is simply not the way to get the right talent. Like cancer, hiringContinue reading “Nine Ways to Eliminate Hiring Bias”

Get Educated! Human Resources and the Learning Culture

How can human resources make a business competitive in the marketplace? Education! Three steps for human resources to develop a learning culture in the workplace. There may be several factors to a company’s success, but one of the biggest is when their workforce that can adapt and learn quickly. In business, change is a constant, and theContinue reading “Get Educated! Human Resources and the Learning Culture”

Tips for Hiring the Wrong Person Every Time, Guaranteed!

There will always be poor candidates applying for any given job. Of that, you can be sure. Why are you hiring them every single time? Bad candidates are in any given applicant pool, and their shortcomings are not immediately obvious. However, hiring them does not have to be a forgone conclusion! Even in today’s interconnected andContinue reading “Tips for Hiring the Wrong Person Every Time, Guaranteed!”

No Bad Hires: Interview Questions to Ask First!

For both employers and job seekers, the whole process of filling a vacant position rests on one thing — a great interview. Much hangs in the balance, and the dialogue of the interview can be the deciding factor. Hiring the wrong employee—not just lacking skills, but a poor fit for the company culture—can cost thousandsContinue reading “No Bad Hires: Interview Questions to Ask First!”

Who Is YOUR Customer? The Language of Resumes

A resume has one clear goal; like any marketing or promotional document, it exists to make an extremely valuable sale. The product your resume sells? That is YOU! Any advertising pro will tell you that ad copy does not have to appeal to the promoter, senior management or company selling the product. Ad copy isContinue reading “Who Is YOUR Customer? The Language of Resumes”

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