Health Benefits of Meditation

Health Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is a not only a way to self-improvement, but also a journey that enhances spirituality and our relationship to a higher power, no matter our religious affiliation. In addition, meditation is a practice that offers us a way to better health. In fact, for thousands of years, meditation has been a remarkably powerful way to take control of your life—it is the reason that meditation has been an part of many ceremonies—both church and social.

Health benefits of meditation include:

• Reversing the progression of disease.
• Improving energy levels.
• Better rest and sleep patterns.
• Maintaining a sense of balance
• Helping us to feel younger; people who meditate look younger.
• People who meditate are at a lower risk of hospitalization.
• Improving attentiveness and concentration.
• Improving eyesight and visual acuity.
• Strengthening the immune system.
• People who meditate recover from injury and surgery quicker.
• Anxiety and stress are decreased, through a better control of the self.
• Increased intuition, awareness and alertness.
• Meditation improves a sense of self-discovery and understanding of the motivations of others.

Research has shown that the benefits of meditation are genuine; however, it also requires regularpractice. Benefits will not come from a few attempts; the full effects take time. Additionally, it can be difficult to explain all the benefits of meditation—states of consciousness are difficult to express in language.

It is essential to discover the benefits of meditation for yourself. Don’t just read about it—start meditating today!

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