How To Stay Centered in a Hectic and Stressful World

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Your world can be a hectic and frustrating place, but it doesn’t always have to be so. There are many ways—some quite simple—to keep you properly centered and grounded when life seems out of control.

Keep Your Eyes On The Prize.

Have you ever heard the saying, “keep your feet on the ground, your head out of the clouds?” It is only a way to remind you to stay grounded and focused on the big picture. Removing the extra clutter in your mind is the best way to stay focused.

Just Say No.

The path to an uncontrolled life starts when you remove the word “no” from your vocabulary. It is simply impossible—and extremely impractical—to please everyone. So why try? Make a list of things and situations where you just have to say no, and stick to it.


Meditation is an exercise that develops both clarity and concentration of the world around you. Regular meditation is also ideal for relieving stress—the biggest enemy of a grounded life. Practice sitting and clearing your thoughts—even for a few minutes—and everything else will be easier to cope with.


No matter what your life throws at you, regular exercise can make it more manageable. Exercise, along with meditation, is a place where you are alone in the world—just you and your thoughts. It is ideal for relieving stress, the way to feel more grounded in life.

Fuel Your Body Well.

A healthy body is one that runs on the right fuel—a healthy, balanced diet. Foods that are excellent quality, in the proper portions and at the correct frequency are what give you the nutrients to control stress. No other factor is more effective promoting a sense of balance in life—and staying grounded.

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