A Nice Rant…

Ron Paul, member of the United States House of...

I heard earlier from some Ron Paul supporters that Obama believes government’s JOB is to redistribute wealth and “punish” people who do well in America!


NOBODY is saying that government’s job is to “reduce income inequality.”

That is Orwellian doublespeak designed to instill a sense of fear towards anyone with the aim to help the less fortunate in society.

Those who talk about the role of government in “redistribution of wealth” are playing into the hands of a corporate structure that ONLY respects the profit motive, without any social responsibility.

Don’t any of you sheeple see it?

Milton Friedman worships at the altar of “the only responsibility of business is profit,” and roundly criticized by people who are REALISTS, not theorists.

What did the “unregulated free market” bring us? The crash of ’29! What did the deregulation of the housing market of the Bush years bring us? The housing crash of ’08.

Now you are crying that we need LESS government regulations?

Are you people MAD?

What happens when it is YOUR jobs that adversely affect the bottom line, and you are summarily tossed out for being too “expensive” (no matter what the industry). Where will you go when if there were no unemployment insurance or “safety net?”

Does Ron Paul have the answers? NOPE!

And when we go back to the gold standard, as Paul is advocating, who is going to stabilize the economy for the… oh… 5-7 years it will take society to “readjust” to a new economic reality?

Having a couple of months of salary in the bank is not gonna cut it, because the value of the dollar will plummet!

But that’s OK with the Paul-toids!

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