Cable Leads the Pack as Campaign News Source

Image via Pew Research

According to the Pew Research Center, cable news networks are gaining ground as the primary information source about the presidential election campaigns. Thirty-six percent of people say they learn about the campaign from cable news networks. That is down slightly from December 2007 (only 2%, from 38%), but enough to put it on top of the January 2012 survey. Continue reading “Cable Leads the Pack as Campaign News Source”

Today’s Motivations

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Today's Motivating Thought... Image via Wikipedia

Spend some time to re-frame and refocus your personal goals; renew them as you see fit. Positive change is more important to your spirit than you think. Use change to your advantage!

It will be days like this for you to begin to blossom and bloom… like beautiful exotic flowers. Continue reading “Today’s Motivations”