Today’s Motivation…

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Spiritual fulfillment rarely roars. In fact, it almost never speaks above a whisper.

That is what makes enlightenment so challenging, the skill and perseverance it takes to hear the small voice of true spirituality.

Your life is the sum of all the knowledge and achievement you choose to accept and act upon.

If you are to change your direction in life, then you must change your attitude and thinking. It may be difficult, but by no means impossible. Continue reading “Today’s Motivation…”

Five Great and Fun Financial Bloggers

Personal Finance
Personal Finance (Photo credit: 401K)

Personal finances do not have to be a tedious, stuffy affair. There are hundreds of bloggers, where every day they put a humorous spin on economic independence. According to, here are the top five personal finance bloggers—to both inform and amuse: Continue reading “Five Great and Fun Financial Bloggers”