Five Things Every Human Resources Leader Should Know

Increasing hiring costs, turnover rates and competition for top talent, are forcing human resources departments to become more rigorous in recruitment and hiring. They don’t have the luxury of hindsight. Examining the current labor-market figures, makes one thing clear: human resources will always be fighting for the best, high-quality, high-performing candidates. This leaves a number of unansweredContinue reading “Five Things Every Human Resources Leader Should Know”

CEO Salary in Perspective: PayScale

It is easy to agree that CEOs have a tough job, but does a huge CEO salary really accurately reflect the job they do? By Aubrey Bach, Nobody thinks being the CEO of a huge company is an easy job, so it makes sense that these bigwigs get big salary paychecks for their hard work.Continue reading “CEO Salary in Perspective: PayScale”

Job Driving You Crazy? Ways To De-Stress The Job!

Is your job driving you crazy? Do you calculate the minutes on the job until the weekend and when Sunday approaches, you start dreading the arrival of Monday morning? For most people, a job is a source of significant stress. Some people go as far as taking medical leave because the pressure on the jobContinue reading “Job Driving You Crazy? Ways To De-Stress The Job!”

What Will It Take for Women to Get Ahead in Leadership?

What will it take?  What has to happen before women show up in more leadership roles in U.S. businesses? The numbers represent an extremely disturbing trend. Although women make up over half the U.S. population, in addition to being more than 49 percent of the labor force, they still inexplicably absent in leadership in both public andContinue reading “What Will It Take for Women to Get Ahead in Leadership?”

Are You Redundant? Human Resources Might Say YES!

If a job search wasn’t stressful enough, now you need to worry about human resources seeing your job as redundant in the next few years! The time to prepare and develop your skills is NOW! In a survey by management consulting firm Zinnov, human resources professionals accept as much as one-quarter of their current talentContinue reading “Are You Redundant? Human Resources Might Say YES!”

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