For Trayvon and Emmett: My “Walking While Black” stories – Keka – Open Salon

“We need to hear those bone chilling screams and the shot that killed Trayvon seconds later.

Yes, it’s a parent’s worst nightmare come true.

But it might finally wake the whole world.”


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For Trayvon and Emmett: My “Walking While Black” stories – Keka – Open Salon.

Today’s Motivation… Bad Bosses

AngerMany things can happen in the workplace. One of the most caustic is working under a bad boss. The reasons behind imperfect management can be varied—disrespectful, offensive or arrogant. They could even be a decent person, but have poor leadership skills. Continue reading “Today’s Motivation… Bad Bosses”

Today’s Motivations… Cultural Diversity and the Media

Howard Beale (Peter Finch) delivering his &quo...
Howard Beale

In our society, the media becomes a substitute for real interaction—especially when it comes to cultural diversity. There are people who have no direct interaction with blacks, Hispanics or homosexuals; they only know what they see on “the tube.” Continue reading “Today’s Motivations… Cultural Diversity and the Media”

God and Reason… Part 2

Religious symbols from the top nine organised ...

In 2007, the state of Kentucky’s office of Homeland Security officially proclaimed “dependence on Almighty God” as the greatest source of protection of its citizens.

This wording was seen by atheists and non-believers in the Christian God as offensive, leading to the American Atheists, Inc. filing suit in 2008. Continue reading “God and Reason… Part 2”