Seven Dumb Things Smart Managers Do

There are several stupid things that smart managers do.

Look out and avoid them, and you too can become a smarter manager!

Seven Dumb Things Samrt Managers Do

It is certainly possible for a manager to be both smart and dumb at the same time. Just because a person is intelligent and capable, doesn’t mean they will always elude some of the pitfalls of management.

There are seven stupid things bright managers do; look them over and see if you can recognize any of them in your daily routine. If you can think of any more, let us know in the comments below!

A smart manager sometimes…

  • … spread themselves too thinly

The best managers will prioritize tasks, and act suitably, working fittingly for their level. They take on a limited number of key priorities, seven at most and delegate the rest.

  • …  get overwhelmed at work

There may be times when the amount of work will be overwhelming, but as a regular pattern, overwork is not the right approach. Great managers always reassess their actions, select what they want to give up and, when necessary, do things differently.

  • … expects everyone to work at the same level

Human Resources: Free live ovation demoThe smartest managers get where they are because they are just that—smart. They work hard and are capable, and they don’t expect every employee to have the same sensibilities and talents. Others may not function at the same level, and the smart manager realizes that.

  • … delegate, and then pull back control

Delegating is at the spirit of good management; many top managers will assign tasks, only to have them reappear on their desks later. Assign duties to the right people and keep them accountable. Don’t “take back” responsibility.

  • … doesn’t coach or mentor

A manager’s main concern should be to develop and encourage others.  One of the most crucial jobs in management is to share knowledge and help others move forward.

  • … doesn’t have a mentor

Great managers need trusted advisors, people they can turn to for advice and consent. If they do not have a particular mentor, then they should have a group of counselors that will provide feedback and information. Having a good variety of advisors helps a good manager get great.

  • … tries to be liked by everyone

One way to hurt everyone is to try to make everybody happy. First, it is impossible. A terrific manager deals in respect, not in being a friend.


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