7 Deadly Human Resources Sins

Nobody is perfect, right? Many human resources departments have committed “sins,” but have they been “deadly?” In human resources, some deadly sins may not be the “classics” like Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Anger, Greed and Sloth, but they can certainly kill your success with employees. Here are seven deadly sins for human resources to avoid:Continue reading “7 Deadly Human Resources Sins”

Sex and the Single Human Resources Department

There are few things more distressing to human resources than having to investigate sexual harassment in the workplace. All eyes are on human resources to provide thorough, fair and reasonable investigation. HR must treat everyone involved with due respect. When an employee alleges sexual harassment—no matter what the situation—you have to act fast. Both human resourcesContinue reading “Sex and the Single Human Resources Department”

Human Resources Seduced by the Cloud?

The ease and cost-effectiveness of cloud-based technology can be extremely seductive for human resources. Why not? SaaS can automate many HR functions, leaving more time to develop and promote top talent. Although there are many reasons why the cloud will seduce human resources, here are some ways to keep it from becoming HR’s next nightmare!Continue reading “Human Resources Seduced by the Cloud?”

Why Do People Hate Human Resources?

Human resources are a little like Rodney Dangerfield, in that they “don’t get any respect.” Why is that? A company’s most valuable asset is people. Business professionals know that. Of course, human resources must understand that, especially since it is the basis of their existence.  However, people-as-a-business-asset should be more general knowledge. It certainly shouldContinue reading “Why Do People Hate Human Resources?”

Is Human Resources Ready for the “Big Table?”

2013 is supposed to be the year human resources get a seat at the “big table,” becoming a strategic business partner. But is your HR ready for the challenge? When thinking about the future, many human resources professionals say  in 2013, HR will finally have a place at “the big table.” This means human resourcesContinue reading “Is Human Resources Ready for the “Big Table?””

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