Five Silly Things HR Must Stop Doing NOW!

We all want human resources departments to improve, becoming indispensable to an organization’s success.

5 Silly Things HR Must Stop Doing NOW

Things will never get better for HR, however, unless they stop acting in ill-advised, ridiculous and downright asinine ways.

Below is the first in a list of things common to many HR departments worldwide. These five things should stop immediately:

Stop accepting low-quality employees for HR departments

HR has a reputation as a place to go when there is nowhere else to go. What is the problem with hiring high-quality people? Every other department wants the best and brightest, so should human resources. Never settle for second best!

Stop working around incompetent management

Managers are supposed to be professionals; they should not be excused from doing their jobs. Many avoid providing feedback, giving performance reviews or even conducting a detailed discussion about employee career paths. HR is left to develop policies to make up for poor management.

They also end up getting more than its share of managerial duties, without any of the responsibility.

Stop using buzzwords

Human Resources: Free live ovation demoHR works with people, not “human capital.” When has human resources become nothing but an endless stream of buzzwords, acronyms and psychobabble? Some HR pros cannot resist the urge to demonstrate their knowledge in every meeting, email and workshop.

With language filled with gobbledygook, HR only widens the gap between them and employees. This makes it more difficult for HR to be effective.

One way to start is with HR using language everyone understands. Imagine a conversation with your grandmother. She is intelligent, isn’t she? After all, she has someone like you as a grandchild! Talking with employees, try to communicate, not impress them with how sophisticated you are.

Get off the pedestal and connect with workers, just like regular folks.

Stop trying to do your job with a laptop

All business is social, but online social networks are no way to run an HR department. Relationships are key; that means “face time!”

Many things can be said about working remotely, networking through LinkedIn or communicating with instant messaging. Nevertheless, there is nothing like face-to-face contact, especially for a job like HR.

Stop planning the company picnic, holiday or birthday parties

HR is not the activities planner, nor is it a concierge or event organizer. They do not have to be a party-pooper, but HR has actual responsibilities and meaningful things to do. Companies have to begin looking at HR as a real job.

Unfortunately, until someone else handles the social secretary duties, HR will never be taken seriously.

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