Who is Wasting Time at Work? You Might Be Surprised

Who is wasting time at work the most? You might be surprised by the answer!

Wasting Time At WorkThis new infographic by Tempo Timesheets is a study of who is wasting time at work, and how they are wasting it.

Some key takeaways:

  • A majority of people are wasting time at work, with 64 percent of employees admitting to wasting one hour or less.

  • Perhaps what is more interesting–the number of people who waste more than three hours on the job is at a mind-boggling 14 percent!
  • Higher-educated workers tend to be wasting time at work more than those with less education. One possible reason is that employees with more education frequently have higher positions, often with less supervision.
  • The number one distraction? Of course, it is the Internet (doesn’t it always seem to get the blame?) Forty-eight percent of workers say that online activities eat up their work time, while one-third say it is socializing with co-workers.

The best strategy to limit personal distractions, as well as increase productivity,  is to delegate when possible, focus on deadlines to keep on track, and even lower your standards (slightly). It seems that perfection is a real time-waster, although doing a good job is essential. 

Human Resources: Free live ovation demoAs far as for the entire office wasting time at work, things like contests and flexibility rank high on the list for keeping your employees on point.

Also, encouraging employees to resolve problems together, in addition to stopping gossip, will help budget time better at work.

One last suggestion; to help keep employees from wasting time at work, you can use time sheets. How can you stop employees from wasting time at work, if you can’t measure it?

(No surprise here, since this infographic comes form a company that produces time sheets!)

The full infographic can be seen below (or you can find here, at the Tempo Blog):

Wasting Time At Work



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