Seven great Twitter hiring tips for your job search

Twitter Hiring Tips

First things first—don’t expect to get a job offer only through Twitter; that is not the point of social media. These Twitter hiring tips will get your foot in the door, to the next critical step in the job search—the interview.

Twitter is perfect for helping you build a reputation with people who look for high-quality professionals in their fields—people just like you.

Here are seven great Twitter hiring tips that can help you find jobs, and gain exposure with the people who can help you get started in your next great job:

Twitter Hiring Tip #1: Tweet like an expert in your field

The fundamentals of Twitter for a job search is this—you are what you tweet. If you want to be seen as an expert in your industry, start by acting like on one on Twitter. Every message you send out will either increase or subtract from your online presence. Share relevant information and incorporate insightful comments about your industry. Even if you are not looking for a job, your Twitter feed should always improve your personal brand.

Twitter Hiring Tip #2: Start a conversation with a question

There is a reason they call it “social” media. The true power of social media is engagement by sparking conversation. Simply following does not work; be forthcoming and interact with the right people. It all begins with asking questions. Those involved in Twitter are more likely to respond to a question, than just comment on a tweet. That will get your foot in the door.

Twitter Hiring Tip #3: Find the relevant people for your target career

Twitter is an excellent way to tap into a business or industry; there are several directories and applications that help focus on relevant individuals. Wefollow is a fabulous place to start.

Twitter Hiring Tip #4: Use hashtags

Hashtags are the heart of every Twitter job search. They are the keywords that you can use to connect with other professionals, industry experts, conferences, chats and many job-related sources.

Start with a few hashtags like these:

  • For job searches—#jobs, #jobhunt, #jobsearch and #jobadvice. Be prepared to spend a while looking, since many of these are general; the more specific, the better.
  • For networking—#LinkedIn, #personalbrand, #freelance, #consulting
  • To find the hottest fields—#SEO, #industry (with your target industry, such as #sales or #transportation), #legal

Twitter Hiring Tip #5: Be helpful

The best tweets are the ones that get people to interact—answering questions, voting on polls, giving assistance. If you have a particular specialty, offer advice or suggestions. It will prove you are an expert in your field.

Twitter Hiring Tip #6: Don’t be a spammer

The popularity of Twitter opens the doors to spammers. Even if you are not intentionally spamming someone, too many tweets can either get you blocked or banned. Asking the same questions repeatedly will raise suspicions; so don’t go overboard.

Twitter Hiring Tip #7: Be careful and keep your reputation

Spamming is one way to ruin your reputation. Trying to build a bond with industry insiders, even the hint of spamming will close the door on any opening or headway you have made. Don’t be rude, unduly controversial or curse. If a tweet could be embarrassing later on, don’t send it!

Do you have an outstanding Twitter hiring tip that helped you get a job? We would like to hear them! Join us in the conversation with the comments below.



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