Ways to Become a Manager Everyone Wants to Work For

19 Ways to Become the Manager Everyone Wants to Work For

Via ManagersAreHeroes.com:

ManagementManagement is not a popularity contest. If you try to please everyone – you’ll wind up pleasing no one. But there are proven ways to become the manager everyone wants to work for:

1) Demand excellence.

Mediocrity sucks. If you do not demand excellence, that is what you’ll get – a department full of mediocrity. When you ask people to describe the best manager they’ve ever had – no one says “it was the slacker manager who played Words with Friends all day”… No, it was the one who pushed us – and challenged us to do things that we never thought we could do.

2) Be passionate. 

If you’re not all-in, why will people want to go above and beyond for you? Jump in the pool – with your all your clothes on! <<<you should probably take your phone out first – which reminds me of how cell phones have ruined the fun of pushing people into the pool>>> The idea of checking your emotions at the door is ridiculous. If you are excited about the work you are doing and the people you are helping – let people know. Scream it from the mountain. Tattoo it on your chest. Passion is contagious.

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