Merry Christmas from HRNewsDaily!

Merry Christmas! We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday! If you do not celebrate Christmas, and it is just another Tuesday for you, take the opportunity to consider others, even if it is only by sending good wishes, or putting them in your thoughts. This should be the day you make an effort to reachContinue reading “Merry Christmas from HRNewsDaily!”

5 Tips For Shopping For A Job Over The Holidays

5 Tips For Shopping For A Job Over The Holidays (via A Hire Calling) The season for shopping has officially kicked into full gear. As the holiday draws closer with each passing day, shoppers are taking advantage of every spare moment to be sure no one goes without a gift. But when it comes toContinue reading “5 Tips For Shopping For A Job Over The Holidays”

Give Thanks with the Post-Interview Thank You Note

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on weighty things, and to give thanks for what we have.  For many people, saying thanks doesn’t come easily. In fact, to them “thank you” is considered a lost art. For example, take the post-interview “thank you” note. Why would a thing so easy—and something that could put you at theContinue reading “Give Thanks with the Post-Interview Thank You Note”

Glad Tidings for Holiday Hiring

Retailers may bring glad tidings for the 2012 holiday season; hiring plans indicate what many believe to be a year of new, more adaptive sales strategies. Three fourths (75 percent) of retailers predict an increase in holiday sales this year, according to a study by global management consultants the Hay Group. Retailers also report optimismContinue reading “Glad Tidings for Holiday Hiring”

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